Invisible Anarchist Network: hello from the dark-net.

Invisible Anarchist Network – I2P2-Irc #anonops #ian #aaa hacktivistcat2aaa

Published on 4 Apr 2013

Invisible Anarchist Network – darknet i2p2 – irc #anonops #ian #aaa
Hello from the dark-net.
We are the Invisible Anarchist Network. A group that was inheritable from the Anon. Anarchist. Action.
A sub-group inside anonymous with real experience in political activism from the streets of 99 Seatle
to today Barcelona Okupa movement, our Anarcho brothers in Greece and Italy.

we come above to the surface, the surface that is an internet that is not like it used to be, is an internet
that has become another tool, another way for capitalism to control is people and surrender them to consumerism and greed.
For this and other motives many groups interested in decentralization, liberty and communal sharing values have emerged. we consider ourself freedom fighters, some groups will publize their targets.. others like us we move in silence.
We do not seek fame.. in fact this video is just to open a portal to invite more people into the movement into our darknet
so one day we can all come to the surface in a free planet.

free download or read here
free download or read here                 Download PDF   


We are not just anonymous… we are no-one.. but onemany.. working as one with our hands up in the air asking for a new system that will understand humanity in a different and natural way.

We do not watch TV, we do not believe everything we hear, we do not follow or carry nation flags or nationalisms, we do carry different colors, red/black or plain black. because each of us have their open view of the new world but we all agree that in the new world there must be no capitalism, no borders, no goverments and heck a lot of decentralism and direct democracy.

For this join us in the i2p2 IRC network I repeat the I2p2 IRC network. I2p2 is a darknet use a search engine and search for I2p2.
you can find us on the I2p2 IRC channel #anonops and #ian that stands for Invisible Anarchist Network..
Do not Expect us.. we are already there..


Comunique from A(A)A. Anon Anarchist Action

_.-oO·º’´¨`’º·Oo-._&#Fighting against all oppression and capitalism#9760;_.-oO·º’´¨`’º·Oo-._

We are Anonymous Anarchist Action
We have taken a stance, we have paid back. We have resisted the advocates of censorship, we
have occupy!
we have retaliated and we have won, we are winning.
We master the tools and tactics that will make our revolution succeed in the name of humankind:

supporting black blocs from Greece, Germany to Oakland, urban guerrillas and the cyber warfare ahead of us.
We defy all the system of oppression, your capitalists crooks, your fat cat politicians,
your racist and patriarchal ways, your intent to control peoples lives,
you who try to censor and control one of the most anarchist forms of communication (the internet),you corporate liars, you greedy money heads… all of this we oppose.
We will fight till our end and when we are done, others will follow!

This is just the start!
As long as we obey, we are open to misdirection.
As long as we aren’t informed, we are open to lies.
As long as we don’t control our communications, we are open to manipulation.
As long as we aren’t focused, we won’t succeed.
As long as we are centralized, we can be shutdown
As long as we use for-profit tools, we are slaves to their greed.

Free your mind, free yourself!

Join us in the biggest yet social revolution that has just started!
From Greece to the streets of Cairo, to the revolutionary femmnists
in Italy and the Squatters of Spain, to the Zapatistas in Mexico
AND THE ONLINE HACKTIVISTS!! WE WILL WIN there is no other choice, for us, for our next generations, FOR EARTH!

We are Anonymous.
We are Anarchists.
We are many and we work as one
We are Anon Anarchist Action
join us

Join us at i2p IRC channels #aaa #anonops #AnonAnarchistAction
download i2p from:
Images and such:……
youtube channel
our daily news:

We are working on a new IRC inside the i2p darknet for
all anonymous not just our caucus here is some info in how to get to it: Network Art anarchist societies

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