Can Piella evicted in 6 hrs. Motorway blocked, New occupations

desalojo can piella.The resistance has hampered the evicion of  Can Piella that has been extended over six hours

After holding out for more than 5 months since the Court Order the Can Piella ‘Land and Liberty’ occupation was evicted yesterday, on the 2nd anniversary of the start if the 15M ‘Take The Streets’ uprising. The squat had become a symbol of anarchist type collective action, permaculture, and resistance to rampant capitalist speculation, with countless mobilisations and widespread public support, even by local councils.

The eviction comes on the same day as an ”anti terrorist” raid detained 5 local anarchists see here and in the context of a 15M offensive, with demonstrations and new occupations daily. See  here,  here  here  and here (Catalan)
defensa fertil
At six a.m. began by surprise the eviction of the country squat center Can Piella in Montcada i Reixac, but the lookouts were awake.. The people who resisted being distributed in many parts of the estate. There were people chained in the woods surrounding the house and a sophisticated device about eighteen meters from the ground, tied with turnbuckles, above the roof of the house. Can Masdéu from the Debt Observatory Globalization or neighborhood organizations Montcada i Reixac  have rallied to support the resistance. The farmers involved in the collective self managed project opened holes in paths that the riot police had now filled with earth using an excavator,  to pass by with their vans and cranes. On the whole the operation was attended by more than 20 riot vans.

  permaculture workshop in Can PiellaCan-Piella-es-una-masia-del-si_54352920341_54028874188_960_639permaculture workshop in Can Piella

  Eviction from the house this morning of Can Piella

Six vans of the Mobile Brigade were located in the vicinity of the house at six in the morning and half of the operating agents have begun trying to bust the door. Other vans were located in a second perimeter. The action was ordered by a court in Cerdanyola.

Some Riot police have climbed to the roof while watching people hanging inside a small platform with turnbuckles anchored in an iron column above the house. The officers looked on first with flashlights. The first arrest occurred in one of the resistance points of access to the forest estate. From Can Piella they called everyone up to the house, where the resistance has been extended for six hours. The railway station  is the nearest point to go there by public transport. They spread the hashtag # soscanpiella, who became trending topic all day.

The riot police at seven in the morning tried to get people to give up on the roof using a scaffold. They did not know how to do it. Finally they brought in a crane, which then stabilized in the terrain in front of the house and which lifted a box of  riot police to the platform. There they finally broke the chains  and arrested the two boys who resisted.

The local Mayors and neighborhood organizations nearby municipalities requested the stopping of the eviction and saving the project agroecological and have sympathized with the house. There have been two other arrests. among people in the fields around  the house, after a fight with agents who cordoned off a large perimeter .  Thus raising to five the number of people taken to the police station Cerdanyola.


Here you can read the chronology of events…. Eviction minute by minute:

7:50 pm The Catalan police take a bulldozer and a roller for easy access of vans and cranes Piella Can the house.

7:55 pm A squad of agents gets on the roof of the house and begins to build a scaffold to arrest people chained to the high platform. The roof of the building is not made to withstand this type of structures.

8:01 pm Continued people linked to several points. The squatters warned the Riot Police  there are bee hives located at strategic points in the building.

8:08 pm Some people try to gain access to the house through the gardens of the estate. Riot the agents have intercepted them a moment ago.

8:25 pm Two people resisting on the roof of Can Piella report that the police have broken one of the tensioners that keep the platform. This threatens their physical integrity.

8:36 pm The suppoters start to riot in the countryside surrounding barley fields of Can Piella.  Increasingly large number of suporters.

8:40 pm Just to get a crane path to Can Piella. The Riot are paving the access and are preparing around the house for being able to put the crane.

Begins 8:48 pm a strong approach amid the fields and orchards. People approached from different points at police cordons surrounding the property.Can_Piella_Montcada_i_Reixac_1-400x304

9:18 pm First three arrests in the fields surrounding Can Piella. More people coming. The police cordons trying to prevent people from approaching the house.

9:35 pm arrested two people who were on the platform located on the roof of the house. Continued strength in the fields surrounding the building. The Police have a patrol car with the owners speculators Alcaraz’s family by the house. Usually he lives in Ibiza and Marbella.

9:51 pm The Police just cut down the tower that was on the farm Can Piella. Not possible for people to reach iu solidarity. Can Piella calls for everyone to keep up to 18 hectares of land which have yet to be evicted.

10:48 pm A car with loudspeakers drives through the streets of the local town making a call for reinforcements  to go to the house of Can Piella. Operatives working with bricks at the doors of the house. People concentrated around the perimeter.

11:33  activists are now an action of solidarity with skyscrapers Can Piella both owned by the same owners Alcara, which is in the district of Mas Rampinyo # Moncada, near the highway.

11:41 pm Two activists hang themseves from of a 20-storey skyscraper owned by the company that is evicting Can Piella. Is the district of Mas Rampinyo, Moncada. People are concentrated in support. Meanwhile other people are concentrating in entrances and gardens that surround the building.

11:46 pm  Main north/South Highway blocked. 10 km long queues. A hundred demonstrators cut the AP-7  opposite service station area of ​​the Valles to Girona, in solidarity with Can  Piella.  The huge motorway passes just 2km from the evicted center. They displayed placards which read: “Resistance is Fertile”, “Stop the eviction Piella Can” and “Can Piella alive.”  No arrests!!!


12:40 pm After opening to traffic the AP-7 Motorway, a group of supporters who were not even near the blockade have been detained by the Catalan Police. After identifying them they have been called to testify  tomorrow.

12:59 pm The police operation has ended for now, officials said, five people were arrested during the eviction resistance. In a statement the Interior Department explained that the eviction macro-operation was attended by police officers from Moncada and Cerdanyola, as well as the Northern Metropolitan Region and the Mobile Brigade. According to them, a policeman was wounded slightly.

13:48 pm A support group created in Barcelona Can Piella has called for a rally today at 16h at Jardinets de Gracia to support the project agroecological resistance.

17:01 pm Dozens of protesters have participated in an action of derision at the offices of  Group Alcaraz-the owners of Can-Piella in Avenida Diagonal. They papered the access with posters and stickers.

21:35 pm Can Piella confirmed that five people arrested during the eviction were released throughout the afternoon.f9961504c0280222e13d5d09957063c5

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