Serial of The Free Ch 48.. Killian Bate Shot Dead


Act five

Chapter forty eight

Killian Bate Shot Dead

-‘Maxie Moon ..voted a 100% Bravery Level..’-

Reports are coming in confirming the death of Killian Bate, the new‘ Supremo’ leader of The Brother-Hood, the organization being touted to form the nucleus of a new  national Police Force.
Mr. Bate was shot in the head by a female Clan Defence Officer in a house in the Ragwort Pool area.
He was duly declared defunct on admission to St. Mary’s Hospital at 22.35 hours.

A Clan Defence spokesman announced in a press conference that Killian Bate was killed in a sting operation, claiming he was on a death squad operation against a gay and a feminist activist at the time of his death.
The claim is backed by independent witnesses. Two videos of the killing have now been released to the press.

The confirmation of Mr. Bate’s death has already been greeted with fireworks and impromptu street parties in several city center neighbourhoods.
Mr. Bate had publicly threatened the two activists only yesterday on Pools TV.
Their house was evacuated as a safety measure, but several Clan Defence specialists were in waiting when Mr.Bate and his associates broke in.

Two heavily armed men were arrested, one inside the house, and the second, along with a sophisticated surveillance vehicle, was seized in the laneway behind.
A spokesman for The Brother Hood has blamed a schism in the organization, led by the vice Supremo, Bernard Hart, for setting up the ‘execution’ of Killian Bate.

He called for Mr Hart to step down in favour of the ‘more moderate’ Michael Kennedy, who he claimed has more CIA support.
However a Young Hoods ‘Supremo’ categorically rejected both candidates in favour of the radical racist, Vyncent Greane.

The incident began at 21:15 hours last night, according to the Clan video, when Killian Bate and an armed guard entered the house, in Little Agnes Street. Entry was gained via a rear greenhouse, allegedly using a police issue skeleton key.

A Pacification Intervention Force (PIF) spokesman condemned the killing in a strongly worded statement.
He blamed a terrorist plot which would not be permitted to subvert the peaceful democratic process.

The gay organizer Jerry Reaser, and Maxie Moon, the feminist activist, are residents in the house, but were not present at the time.
The previous day their documentary, ‘Who do we Hate?’ was shown on Pools TV, denouncing Killian Bate for murder, torture and attempted rape.

The pair were being impersonated by the Clanners team who were lying in wait for Bate. Ms Curbin stated that they were doing an Open Uni cooking class online.
The house is used for night classes and is a registered Un-Schooling resource.

The video shows Mr. Bate wielding a knife and pistol, announcing he would kill Maxie Moon and Jerry Reaser in the most horrible way imaginable and abuse their bodies.
The Clan officer turns and shoots first, hitting Killian Bate in the head. Pools TV did not show the actual shooting and cut out Mr. Bate’s threat, allowing availability to adults on request.

The statement adds that when Ms Curbin shot him he died immediately without further declarations and his accomplice, a hired guard, surrendered.
A second press conference will be held at 12.30 hours, amid intense political and media speculation.
The late Mr. Bate was widely tipped to head a US approved provisional Government.

His ambitions had been damaged by Tuesday’s documentary which accused him of torturing the cleaner ‘Laura’ to death. The shock demise of Killian Bate plunges the Brother-Hood into a bitter internecine feud, with no clear winner in sight, according to our political correspondent.
And latest polls show the organization already reeling after recent financial revelations.

The Brother-Hood spokesman categorically denied any link with the spate of death squad killings, attributing them to internal feuds, and refusing to answer a series of reporters’ questions.

He maintained Killian Bate’s innocence, claiming he was tricked into going to the house by an anarchist infiltrator. He also asserted that both of the video’s are falsified. The vigilante group spokesman demanded the arrest and punishment of his killer, Hilda Curbin, who he claims, infiltrated The Brother-Hood as a pastry chef.
Tributes to Ms. Curbin are still pouring in. She appeared flanked by masked bodyguards and was applauded by the assembled Press Corps.
She and Maxie Moon have been publicly acclaimed and voted a 100% Bravery Level in street celebrations in Ragwort Pool.
Maxie Moon herself was not present at the Press Conference.
Her colleagues announced that she is in fact missing, having disappeared in an atrocity zone the day of the invasion.
Her explosive documentary, ‘Who Do We Hate’ was pre-prepared and awaiting broadcast.
This reporter was able to verify that Maxie Moon is indeed on the missing list, and has her own Support Group, and that this was widely known, though not, apparently, to the deceased Killian Bate.
Efforts to locate Ms Moon are being redoubled, with a TV appeal scheduled for this evening…../cont-



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