5th November.. Million Mask March.. World Wide Invite

Anonymous launches video ahead of the

 Million Mask March 


By Justin King

The collective behind the global protest that will occur on November 5th in over 150 countries launched a YouTube video today to raise awareness of the march. It’s inspiring but seems to me aimed at a US following (all those US flags! ugh)

An organizer of the Washington, D.C. event explained that, as with many things within Anonymous, the event has taken on a life of its own. Saying that there are whole websites dedicated to the event, which they have no direct affiliation with.

Anonymous is a leaderless collective that thrives on ideas, and once an idea is proposed and accepted, the originator of that idea steps back into the faceless crowd of supporters and joins everyone else that has elected to support the idea. The idea of a global march occurring simultaneously in cities around the world resonated within Anonymous.

There are publicly organized protests occurring in over 50 U.S. cities and in almost every richer cities worldwide The collective has established an event map to keep track of the different demonstration sites. Many countries where open protesting is prohibited have been organizing their events in secret and are not included on the map.

Activists wear masks in support of members of the female punk band Pussy Riot and hold banners depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin during a protest in front of the Russian delegation to the European Union in Brussels

The Washington group stresses that the demonstrators should be peaceful. A variety of different causes will be represented; subgroups will be protesting the treatment of veterans, GMOs, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve system, Wall Street corruption, the militarization of police and police brutality, the wars, and a large mix of other causes.

Anonymous has extended an open invitation to the Oath Keepers, Occupy, and many other US area advocacy groups. Events in other countries will have protesters representing concerns specific to their area.

“The main purpose of the event is to draw attention to the causes being represented. But it also serves to put the governments of the world on notice that we are watching, and that we expect them to address those causes. With the government’s lack of response to the people’s needs, they should have expected us.”

The last line is a reference to the Anonymous motto of “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” images

Even though the event will be a peaceful protest, Anonymous is taking no chances. The medical wing of Anonymous known as “Anon Medics” will be in attendance where possible to provide first aid to any wounded in the event of law enforcement aggression similar to the type seen during the Occupy rallies. The group would have set up aid stations, but was prohibited by law enforcement who cited a lack of local certifications. All of the Anon Medics are certified in First Aid and CPR at a minimum. Spektre Mous said that he and his medics would be there regardless, and that they were “unafraid” of government attempts to limit their involvement. The group offered to coordinate with local emergency services, but has yet to receive a response. Although the medics believe they are more likely to be treating protesters, Spektre says that they would treat any living creature injured to include ”law enforcement”. 1318710071160-500x333

The D.C. event will be held at the National Mall and will be an all day event. Over 10,000 people have registered via Facebook for that demonstration site alone. They said that given the discreet nature of a group like Anonymous, many will attend that did not register and that the global goal of one million protesters is going to be easily surpassed.

rebloggers note: I’ve taken out the name of the Washington organiser from the above report. Why put your own name 5 times in a flyer for an Anonymous demo!

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/358356#ixzz2gSvZcRN5

#Nov5th Global Zapatista Awakening – planet Earth walks over all the injustice!



It is the sound of your world collapsing.

It is that of ours rising anew.

The day that was the day, used to be night.

And night will be the day, that will be the day.




On 5 November 2013

We will be wearing our masks… wherever we are

streets, squares, shopping malls, farms, villages, mountain tops…

we will become Anonymous… we will be Zapatistas…

we will be free, leaving the Matrix for a while…

we will start walking with slow but ground breaking steps  towards the nearest square of a village, town or city….

we will meet with hundreds of thousands of others in deafening silence of our global resurgence….

it is for sure that all the world will hear it!

it is for sure that the night will turn into a day!

Expect us!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/millionmaskmarch

World Map of Events (264 LOCATIONS AND COUNTING):http://millionmaskmarch.org/



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