Barcelona: Anti Fascist Alarm, 12th Oct.

Anti Fascist Alarm against the imminent celebration of the fascist rally Oct. 12 at Plaza de Sants called by the coordinating group España en Marcha .web-santsantifa

About 200 people have gathered in Sants barrio today in an open Assembly and we have agreed the following calls in the coming days. We need to be many, many people disseminating , hanging posters and handing out leaflets , encouraging our friends, colleagues and family to show our opposition to the views of this mob !

Monday 10.30 call for organizations to go to the district officeds to demand the banning of the fascist march , and demand the use of the Sants Square space for neighbourhood activities .

Every day at 18pm informational picket at Plaza de Sants  to inform residents , businesses and organizations about the fascist mobilisations . The rest of the day materials for dissemination and propaganda can be collected at Casal Sants and  Sants Social Centre , Anarchist workers Centre of Sants , Can Batllo , Can Vias Squat Centre and The Invisible City .

Thursday 20h in Sants Square , concentration and anti fascist demonstration .

On the same day, Sat 12th Oct, at 8.00am on Sants Square the Rejection Demonstration !web-cassola

NO NO NO to Fascists in our neighborhood or anywhere : October 12 , nothing to celebrate ! We threw them out if neighborhood , and we will do it again . NO PASSARAN.. THEY SHALL NOT PASS ! Pass on this message !

Attached are posters that have been made to disseminate on the web , if you want posters to publicize in the street can come and pick them up any day from 6 pm ( Wednesday at 8 ) to the Ateneo libertaria (Anarchist Workers centre) or any of the areas of social movements in Sants barrio.


catalan original

Alerta antifeixista contra la imminent celebració de la manifestació feixista del proper 12 d’octubre a plaça de Sants convocada per la coordinadora España en Marcha.

Unes 200 persones ens hem reunit avui i hem acordat les següents convocatòries per als propers dies. Necessitem ser molta, molta gent fent difusió, penjant cartells i repartint octavetes, animant a les nostres amistats, companys i familiar per mostrar el nostre rebuig a la vista d’aquesta gentussa!
Dilluns 10.30 a plaça de Sants: convocatòria d’entitats per anar cap al districte a exigir la prohibició de la convocatòria fatxa, i exigir la plaça per als i les veïnes de Sants.

Cada dia a les 18h, piquet informatiu a Plaça de Sants per anar a informar al veïnat, entitats i comerços de les movilitzacions antifeixistes. La resta de dia es poden recollir materials de difusió i propaganda al Casal Independentista de Sants, Centre Social de Sants, Ateneu Llibertari de Sants, Can Batlló, Can Vies i a La ciutat invisible.
Dijous 20h a plaça de Sants, concentració i manifestació antifeixista.
I el mateix dia 12, a les 8h a plaça de Sants, concentració de rebuig!
Feixistes, ni al barri ni enlloc: 12 d’octubre, res a celebrar! Ja els vem fer fora del barri, i ho tornarem a fer. No passaran!! Passa-ho!

Us adjuntem també els cartells que s’han fet per difondre via web, si voleu cartells per fer difusió al carrer podeu vindre a recollir-ne qualsevol dia a la tarda a partir de les 6 (dimecres a partir de les 8) a l’Ateneu LLibertari o a qualsevol dels espais dels moviments socials de Sants.


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‘Spanish Democracy built over pits of Corpses’
Spain’s Fascist rulers let slip their Mask of Democracy
Spain’s Fascist rulers let slip their Mask of Democracy


rip the mask 2


Fear, Loathing and Collective Amnesia in Crisis-Ridden Spain


Update: Since the Catalans joined hands in a 400km demo for Independencethe fascist reaction has been predictable, with all sorts of politicians and military men making outrageous, illegal, racist invitations to violence against Catalans which are plastered all over the Spanish media






The Fascists are back..Franco is alive!

The Fascists are back..Franco is alive!

13 women summarily executed by previous far right Spanish government

13 women summarily executed by previous far right Spanish government

spanish ‘democracy’ built on countless pits of corpses

spanish ‘democracy’ built on countless pits of corpses

The Ghost of Franco

Franco’s dictatorship ended only 38 years ago — a mere blink of the eye in the great scheme of things — and Spain’s “transition” into a full-fledged constitutional democracy remains very much half-finished. Its institutions of democracy and civil society are still precariously young and extremely fragile.

peel off PP party sticker as politicians revive fascist insignia

peel off PP party sticker as politicians revive fascist insignia

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