Worst storm Ever, Yolanda gusts 380 kph, to hit Poorest Islands

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Haiyan caused by Climate Change, sub water was +3 degrees

Rich polluters ignore Haiyan/Yolanda Climate Change massacre

Hurricanes and Climate Change: Huge Dangers, Huge Unknowns,  Dr.Jeff Masters

Yolanda/Haiyan, like Typhooon Bopha last year is being blamed on Climate Change caused by criminal burning of fossil fuels in the West.

beachfront on Samar island. 17 foot storm surge Yolanda imminent 07/11/2013
beachfront on Samar island. 17 foot storm surge Yolanda imminent 07/11/2013

Right in line is Samar and Leyte Islands, one of the poorest places in the country (see below)

314. stormchaser19 7:22 PM GMT en Noviembre 07, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan is about to strike the southern Phillipine islands as ”one of the most intense tropical cyclones in world history, with sustained winds an incredible 190 mph, gusting to 230 mph, said the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in their 15 UTC (10 am EST) November 7, 2013 advisory.” (Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog)

The Japanese weather center  warned of gusts up to 205 knots, that’s an incredible, unheard of  379.6 kph! The Phillipine project NOAH forecast storm tides of up to 17 feet, with many towns only 10 feet above sea level.

Super++ Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan may be worse than the catastrophic Bopha which struck further south last year. Bopha was blamed partly on Climate Change due to sea temperatures higher than ever before.

Yolanda will score a direct hit on Samar and Leyte Islands, one of the poorest parts of the Phillipines.

While Climate Criminals jet round the globe and drive 4X4 Hummers spewing CO2 and causing Climate Chaos it’s people like those on SAMAR ISLAND who are their innocent victims.

Samar Island in the Philippines, the opposite of Paradise

Written by on May 3, 2012

A large proportion of the inhabitants of Manila’s shanty towns come from the island of Samar, in the centre of the country.  An exodus which is rooted in the inequalities of rural life in the Philippines. 

In the area around the bridge spanning the river, which is as black as coal and overflowing with garbage laughingly retrieved by children, a whole population is busy patching up poor dwellings of tarpaulins and boards destroyed that very morning by order of the municipality.  We are in Caloocan, not the poorest quarter of Manila, but certainly not the richest.  Anna Vanessa, who comes from the island of Samar in the centre of the country, arrived in Manila when she was thirteen years old.  Because, she recalls, “life was impossible in Samar: too many typhoons, not enough work…”. She adds that she does not

a Leyte Island youngster
a Leyte Island youngster

blame the municipal wreckers: “They are only doing their job”…. continued

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  1. Satellite pictures are frustrating. Are there no cameramen deployed to areas to actually record as supertyphoon hits land? At present in cebu city, just continuous rainfall, no wind at all.


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