The Burning Fuse: How Long Before It All Explodes?

Last week the Spanish authorities backed down rapidly as a violent neighbourhood campaign against yuppification  suddenly spread across the State. Suddenly popular resistance is on the menu with the hitherto pacifist  15M movement calling dozens of demos. Now there is a lull with hopes that many cities will take up their greievances and fight the coming police state legislation , here and across Europe. 

      Spain is home to almost one third of the Euro regions unemployed, with an unemployment rate of over 25% and it has been at that for six quarters in a row. That’s a lot of misery, poverty and deprivation, while the financial Mafia keep screwing the people and muttering about adjustments and growth.
         “I’m glad I don’t have any children, because I don’t need to worry when I go to bed without dinner,” says Nieto, a Madrid native who last drew a salary in 2010.
Riots in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza,
Victory in Burgos
Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 01/19/2014 – 13:04
     On January 10, riots began in the city of Burgos, Spain, when police attacked a protest against the gentrification of the working class neighborhood Gamonal.
Riots continued for 4 consecutive nights, and afterwards opponents of the project to construct a ritzy boulevard through Gamonal continued mobilizing to block the construction.2014011210445159814
   People in dozens of other cities organized solidarity protests. Protests were held in Madrid on the 14th and 15th, turning into riots both nights in response to the typically heavy handed response of Madrid police. On the 16th, solidarity protests also turned into riots in Barcelona and Zaragoza. In Barcelona, masked protesters smashed over a dozen banks, luxury hotels, Starbucks, Burger Kings, and other businesses, setting fire to a number of them, and pelting police with trash, bottles, and unprecedentedly potent fireworks that set the police jumping (in a city where riot police don’t flinch when quarter sticks of dynamite go off at their feet).
la chispa..the spark! The protest/riot went all the way to the Generalitat, the seat of the Catalan government, where people continued to throw objects at police. Police reinforcements arrived, dispersing protestors, who subsequently attacked a police station on Las Ramblas and smashed more businesses in Jardinets de Gracia, a significant distance away.
   The same day, authorities in Burgos announced that the construction project was suspended.

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3 thoughts on “The Burning Fuse: How Long Before It All Explodes?”

    1. HEy miKe! buen trabajo” infotmativo…..ya me gustaria algun tipo de respuesta/reaccion parecida por estos barrios,,,,,,noticias d’adol? anda por Kan Pascual estos dias? llamaria con las ultimas novedades,,,,ya queda menos . x


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