Fracking caused 5.3 Quake in La Habra, Los Angeles, closing Disneyland

La Habra has surrounded its nearest fault line with active fracking wells, folks



The main quake happened at about 21:10 local time on Friday (04:10 GMT on Saturday) and its epicentre was 1 mile (2km) east of the town of La Habra.

If you zoom in on the map from the link above to La Habra  (just east of Doney) you will see there are no less than 17 active Frack wells just east of La Habra, right on the line of the earthquake fault and right in the epicenter of the earthquakes!! ( marked with red stars)


In addition there are 3 ‘Wastewater Injection Wells’ (marked with yellow boxes) at Lambert Road actually in the town of La Habra and just 1 km from the Earthquake fault line! These are just a way to get rid of their toxic waste.

The La  Habra  earthquakes were shallow at 7km deep, according to the USGS. With a swarm of wells blasting ultra high pressure liquids in the unstable shale, any independent geologist must conclude they triggered the quakes.

These earthquakes were caused by criminal fracking.. of course they will deny it.. and it’s just a matter of time till they trigger a mammoth quake that could kill tens of thousands.

Of course this is criminal and immoral. More than half of the already discovered fossil fuel reserves will have to stay in the ground to prevent catastrophic climate change. Fracking new wells for a fast buck should be out of the question. Especially as these cowboys are, incredibly,  exempt from the Clean Water Act, and often then close the company, abandoning the toxic waste, and set up a new one.

On top of all that, by what morality do they pump billions of gallons of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals into the acuifer, especially in California’s central valley, poisoning the water that is the life blood of the whole ecology not to mention the huge farming and food industry at a time when the acuifer is at a historic low due to climate change linked extreme drought.

They can do this legally because politicians are bought and paid for, but morally speaking the protest movement has the right and maybe the duty to physically stop them!

The only plus in this situation is that Disneyland had to be shut down for the day!  Hopefully the workers got paid.

The California fracking is a world class scandal. In other countries like France, Spain and so far the UK public pressure has prevented fracking.


If you go to Google Street view of East Lambert Rd in La Habra you can find at least 10 fracking wells not a mile from the fault where the earthquake occurred. I managed to copy this image.

Los Angeles, La Habra. E Lambert Rd, where they inject toxic and carcinogenic waste into the acuifer in a built up area and right on top of an earthquake fault. Google Street View.
Los Angeles, La Habra. E Lambert Rd, where they inject toxic and carcinogenic waste into the acuifer in a built up area and right on top of an earthquake fault. Google Street View.

frack wells La Habra

States unite to fight fracking-linked earthquakes


Fracking the Ocean and California’s San Andreas Fault

By Kristen Demaline

Scientists have found that some earthquakes elsewhere in the U.S.  have been induced by wastewater injection wells in Ohio, Arkansas

and Oklahoma. Those spots aren’t exactly “earthquake country.”

Given that, concerns about triggering seismic activity in one of the most active quake zones in the world do not seem misplaced.

Here’s the thing: for decades, officials, geologists and Californians alike have been waiting, planning and preparing for “The Big One,” the next major quake (an order of magnitude of 7.0 or more on the Richter scale). In fact, Los Angeles County has one-fourth of all the seismic risk in the entire U.S.; at any time, a person is within 10 miles of an active fault. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that any activity that could actually provoke a devastating earthquake might prove more costly than it’s worth, ultimately?

An anti.fracking march in Spain, where no wells have yet been sunk.
An anti.fracking march in Spain, where no wells have yet been sunk.

earthquake……………..Horizontal fracturing, or fracking, allows the oil and gas industry to get to natural gas and shale oil reserves trapped in massive underground deposits, as well as offshore oil and gas.

To be clear, fracking has been going on in California for decades. What’s changed in recent years is the technology—which is newer, more powerful and more controversial—and the areas in which the oil and gas industry seek to drill. Here’s where fracking is already happening:

  • The Inglewood Oil Field in Baldwin Hills (that’s right in LA; New Yorkers, imagine an oil field in Park Slope) where more than one million people live within five miles of the site. Some residents of the neighborhood have observed cracks in pavement and on their property.
  • Offshore, more than a dozen fracking jobs have taken place, many to stimulate further oil production in the Santa Barbara Channel, though the jobs have “yielded mixed results” for oil companies, according to the Monterey Herald. This year, the EPA affirmed the exemption for the industry from the Clean Water Act, allowing them to continue disposing of fracking fluid at sea unimpeded. Thus far, there have been no studies on the impact of fracking on marine life; that said, traditional offshore drilling operations have been found to cause reproductive problems for wildlife.
  • The North Shafter oil field, also atop the Monterey Shale, has been newly fracked despite its location above California’s agricultural heartland, the Central Valley. Recently, between six and 10 barrels of “frack fluid” leaked into an open, unlined pit, an incident under investigation by the Central Valley water board. Presently, California is the top agricultural producer in the U.S. and the water quality of the Central Valley is key to keeping food on all of our plates.


Crazy or what? Monday’s 4.4 quake was a timely warning. It’s typical that the USA permits fracking waste injection wells, known to trigger earthquakes, all over an area of dangerous fault lines. Anything goes, as always in the sacred cause of making a fast buck. Of course prospecting and extracting new fossil fuel resources is […]

Frack Quakes

……….continued click here

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