3rd day: Can Vies Uprising spreads like Wildfire # EfectoCanVies


Can Vies re-occupied! Rebuilding Begins! 30 May,morning.

Can Vies Rebellion Day 4 #EfectoCanVies

Strong protests in Barcelona and nearby towns. Riot Police reinforcements moving from Madrid, Valladolid and Zaragoza # EfectoCanVies

7,000 people converge on the Saints in the third day of protests against the eviction of Can Vies, the police State, and  capitalist misery.

can vies dia 3 hBlue lights , police , reflected on the wet asphalt Street of Sants, a big working class barrio of trendy Barcelona. . Endless lines of Catalan police vans rushing up and down.. dispersing the thousands of demonstrators who immediately reappeared… a neighbour blasting protest songs from a balcony.. for the third consecutive day , this neighborhood has burned following the eviction of Can Vies, decreed by the government of Xavier Trias, of an assembly-run Social Center occupied for 17 years. ..

(Can Vies was a local self-run Occupied Social Center, going for 17 yrs in an ex union building, with wide neighbourhood support. The Coumcil  ordered an eviction for a ‘green space’ to crush an organisation outside its idea of a sanitised, top down, rich only, capitalist paradise. They were warned many times that evicting Can Vies would be the start of urbaan warfare, with 70% youth unemployment. Yet the arrogant idiots went ahead and lit that fuse…..)

Can Vies demonstrators. day 3
Can Vies demonstrators. day 3

This was the scene on Wednesday, day 3, in the Sants. The Can Vies eviction/demolition is the trigger for a wave of solidarity that has been extended from Wednesday Saint around Barcelona and 41 other cities and barrios where demonstrations were held .

Many of these have come together in the square Sants, where 7000 assembled and have gone to the district headquarters until the police charged against a group of young that rioters at the head , but also against all the other peaceful demonstrators. It was the start of clashes that one more night , left  burning barricades in the whole neighborhood . BomRMcwCAAIRKdcAnd they caused several injuries , including a person injured in the eye by a projectile launched by the Mossos d’ Esquadra (Catalan Police) . The victim has lost vision. The riot cops tried to disperse the protesters using these new foam projectiles.blckfrsgmnl-1

Support from many barrios and cities

It was about eight o’clock that people have started to gather at Plaza de Sants while police closed the Metro stops of Plaza de Sants, Hostafrancs and part of the main Sants station . At the same time , in several districts of the city of Barcelona and several metropolitan area different columns had formed , which later reached the center of the Saints to join the rest of the demonstration.

can vies dia 3 f

First, however , almost 3,000 people already filled square and the Sants, despite the cold rain, mand at half past nine in the evening began the pot banging session , continuing on and off while the columns were arriving . One of the first to arrive was from the barrio of Sarria -Sant Gervasi , 50 young people from the Youth Assembly district Joan Güell came down the street with a banner in support of Can Vies . Shortly after nearly 300 people from Hospitalet and Cornella entered square Saints Square to loud applause and cries of ” anti- capitalists “.

Various more columns arrived after incidents..  in Horta – Guinardo barrio for example has a van of Transport Barcelona was burned… in Poble Sec and St. Andreu -200 people cut three lanes of Gran Via and Meridiana highways respectively , overturning some containers .

can vies dia 3

Meanwhile also formed columns in Corts and in Gràcia barrioi where  gathered between 1,500 and 2,000 people and paint was thrown on the Council headquarters of the district , also in Eixample , New barrios  , the Old City , San Antonio, Raval and Poble Nou etc , where paint was also thrown.

When all the columns had finally gathered there were 7,000 in Sants Square. At half past ten the demonstration the demo set off at last in the rain down the street to the Sants district Council headquarters . Before arriving , the protesters met with a strong police presence that allowed it to go no further .

can vies dia 3 c

Police have warned that the rally by megaphone that it was not authorized to move in the direction the district Council. A few minutes later , after ten in the evening , police warned that they would proceed to dissolve the demonstration. Several people overturned some rubbish containers .

Then the police set off their new directional Sound Cannons and after releasing two smoke canisters ,started charging not only against those who were causing riots at the head of the march , but against all the citizens involved.

The demonstration was called off and the clashes and running battles between protesters and police began.

28 people arrested in clashes

La Directa (the radical newspaper) has been able to confirm that a person has suffered the impact of a projectile in the eye ball. The projectile has been fired by the Catalan police near the Huesca Square , the victim says . During the early hours (thurs) he was receiving hospital care . The protester , however, has fortunately not lost the eyeball and should revover sight. This is arguably the most serious injury that occurred in the clshes in Sants and Badal until one in the morning , which ended with at least 28 detainees, many reporeted to be random , in addition to the two on Monday and six on Tuesday .

Scenes like Tuesday’s then  repeated , with disturbances spreading to different parts of the district , such as the square or street Olzinelles Huesca . On Wednesday , however, things  remained calm at the Can Vies ruins .

At about eleven at night , the riots were concentrated near Cotxeres, where they burned several containers . One of them threatened to set fire to the adjacent iconic palm tree, and protesters avoided the danger by soaking the plant. A while later the epicenter switched to Badal where plainclothes policemen were seen on bikes without registration arresting people on the Brasil Boulevard.can vies dia 3 g

Neighbours Rebuke Police, support Protestors

During the protests scenes like onTuesday have been repeated with neighbours yelling and rebuking the police police and banging pots in solidarity with protesters from their balconies . One of these neighbors even rebuked the firefighters who came to put out burning containers past midnight in the main Sants  Street. Dozens of hooded youths from the sidewalk , responded clapping and shouting ‘ Long live fire ! ‘ Until riot cops has appeared in a van and drove away. .

 Shortly after , having fired the last rounds to disperse the remaining groups, the police withdrew .

from ‘La Directa’, with thanks, translation slightly edited and added by The Free


 original in Catalan

7.000 persones conflueixen a Sants en el tercer dia de protestes pel desallotjament de Can Vies

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