Greece. Don’t accept more Fake Bail-Outs!

263041-cant-pay-wont-pay-play(…update: after various threats and deadlines by the ECB, Germany, IMF, etc. have passed, and with Syriza openly threatening to get a loan from Russia and China,  leaked rumours of a a deal and partial Greek victory are in the air, causing the euro to rise briefly. We hope Syriza will NOT back down and sell out, Greece wants and needs a revolution!…  …….thefreeonline   )10947208_787185401356145_465179737588896753_n

 With a sane (and apparently honest/legitimate) government achieving election in Greece, the past six years of European “bail-out” fraud is about to be fully exposed. Indeed, the recent history of Greece, alone, is little more than a road-map of fraud, conclusively illustrated by a concise summation of events.

a) In 2009 and early 2010, the ECB “bailed-out” Greece on several occasions – and then it immediately went bankrupt, defaulting on 75% of its national debt.

indexSyntagma Square..11th Feb

b) Since that bankruptcy, it has been “bailed-out” several more times – and now it is once again teetering on bankruptcy.

Does this make any sense? Is it even possible? Of course not, because it never happened. The bankruptcies (past and pending) are real enough, it’s the so-called “bail-outs” which are/were nothing but lies and fraud. To illustrate this requires nothing more than enunciating a principle of logic/arithmetic which is tautological in its simplicity.

The only way to “bail-out” a distressed debtor is by reducing its debt. Or, at the very least, give the distressed debtor funds, which then can be used to make payments on its debt. This is not what the ECB has been doing with (to) Greece – and other Euro debtors – for the past six years. In fact, the ECB has never done this with any of Europe’s deadbeat debtors.

What has the ECB actually been doing all this time? It has been lending huge sums of its funny-money to these distressed debtors – i.e. it has been dramatically increasing their debts. We have a well-known analogy we use to describe such insanity: ‘putting out the fire with gasoline.’

When someone attempts to put out a fire with gasoline once, most likely we will simply dismiss that person as an incompetent boob. However, when the same individual (supposedly) attempts to put out a fire with gasoline again and again and again and again and again, we formulate a different opinion.

At that point we realize we are no longer dealing with a “firefighter”, we are dealing with a fire-starter – i.e. an arsonist. Why has the ECB (and all the puppet governments which comprise it) “failed” completely, in its attempts to “bail-out” the debtors of Europe? Because it was never trying to help these debtors, rather it was cynically/evilly intent on nothing other than burying them even deeper in debt.

We see the fraud and malice of these Puppets demonstrated in unequivocal terms in an article from (where else?) Bloomberg. It includes a declaration of sanity from Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, the first sanity we have heard from the mouth of any European (or Western) official in six years:

“The Greek state has a future, but what we won’t accept as a future is the self-perpetuating crisis of deflation and unsustainable debt.”

With that statement, Varoufakis implicitly acknowledges the “fraud” explained previously. Continuing to lend more and more ECB funny-money to Greece is not “bailing-out” that nation, rather it is a cynical policy intended to produce a “self-perpetuating crisis” – i.e. putting out a fire with gasoline.

What was the response of the corrupt puppets of the ECB, after Varoufakis “called out” these governments on their bail-out fraud?

While Varoufakis said he intends to balance the budget, that proposal hinges on the euro area and the European Central Bank agreeing to write down Greece’s public debt, a suggestion that has been met with skepticism by officials across the rest of Europe. [emphasis mine]


Let’s reiterate the irrefutable principle of logic/arithmetic which was articulated earlier: the only way to help a distressed debtor is by reducing its debt. But what is the one thing that Europe’s corrupt, puppet governments are not willing to consider with Greece? Reducing its debt.

What newer readers need to realize is that the ECB’s fake “bail-outs” are merely one dimension of the economic terrorism which has been directed at Europe (in general), and Greece (in particular) over the past six years. What plunged Greece into “economic crisis” in the first place was the economic terrorism of the puppet-master of all these corrupt regimes, the One Bank.


The chart above shows the One Bank destroying Greece’s economy, as it criminally manipulated its interest rates to an ultra-extreme and obviously fraudulent level (through means detailed in previous commentaries). Going into the Crash of ’08, the fundamentals of Greece’s economy and the U.S. economy were very similar – except obviously in dramatically different scale.


Yet at the same time that Greece’s (near-bankrupt) economy was paying interest in excess of 30% on its bond debts, the (near-bankrupt) United States government was (and still is) paying near-zero interest on its own bond debts, the only way it has been able to delay its own bankruptcy. Put another way, had the U.S. been forced to pay a similar rate of interest, it would have had to shut-down the entire government (including the entire military) and double all taxes – just to pay interest on its debt.


Reinforcing that the original spike in Greek interest rates was entirely the product of fraud (and malice), we see Greece’s interest rates plunge back toward normal (in the same, ultra-extreme fashion), immediately after its former government knuckled-under to the terrorists. This is despite the fact that – as previously noted – nothing has changed within Greece’s economy.


Its economy is still in complete ruin. Unemployment is still approaching 50%. There is still no economic growth. It’s still teetering on bankruptcy. Greece’s current interest rates prove that its previous interest rates were yet more economic terrorism. Which brings us to the present.


What now? Clearly Greece’s sane/honest government and the traitor regimes of the EU are on a collision-course. We’re already seen what that means, since it was the original reluctance of Greece’s (former) government to participate in this Euro “bail-out” fraud which prompted the One Bank to launch its economic terrorism at that nation, and totally destroy its economy.



In fact, this is what we see the One Bank do with every government which endeavours to stand-up to the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by this crime syndicate, with the latest (and most-obvious) victim being Russia. Thus, inevitably, we will see the One Bank endeavour to either overthrow Greece’s new government (as it did in Ukraine and Libya), or ‘merely’ destabilize and sabotage it in any/every way possible (as with victims like Iran and Venezuela).


As the One Bank’s economic terrorism against Russia reached maximum intensity, a previous commentary declared “we are all Russians”. Now Greece’s new, courageous government seeks to represent the people of Greece (a concept entirely alien to the rest of the West’s traitor regimes) and stand up to the One Bank. Today, we are all Greeks.


United we stand. Divided we fall.



Orignally posted Febuary 4th 2015


Jeff Nielson for Sprott Money


One thought on “Greece. Don’t accept more Fake Bail-Outs!”

  1. sure the best thing for Greece is to Leave Europe, refuse the debt, get a loan from Russia or China, and work on creating a sustainable and non hierarchical economy and society.,


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