We want him FREE. We want him ALIVE.. José Antúnez Becerra

UPDATE 24th March

José moved to prison hospital in Terrassa which is run by his accuser and enemy, ex boss of Quatre Camins Prison. He can’t walk and seems to be dying, but is lucid and resisting.Demonstrations in Barcelona today.https://directa.cat/actualitat/empitjora-lestat-de-salut-de-jose-antunez-becerra-traslladen-lhospital-penitenciari-de


josé AntúnezThe coming days will be crucial in the fight for the life and freedom of José Antúnez  ..Solidarity outside the walls will be felt more strongly. Because José is not alone …
We want him free¡¡¡ We want him alive¡¡¡ 

 José Antúnez Becerra has been in prison for over 40 years, since the Franco dictatorship, first for robbery, though he asserts  ‘I have never stolen from a working class person, ‘ .

Since then he’s been victimized for rebelling against the system and defending other prisoners, and finally given an extra 19 years for taking part in a prison uprising, protesting against  constant torture, beatings and intolerable conditions.freedom

Now I wonder if I am a terrorist for feeling anarchist, because I hate violence but also hate the abuse of power because we are all part of this planet and ourselves as human beings”. José Antúnez

José is a victim of the fascist system. When all the killers and torturers got a general amnesty their victims remained in prison, some of them till this day.

He is appealing for support to reopen his case and still maintains his innocence, Some of his jailors have last  year been convicted of beatings and torture after the prison uprising. Now there is a growing campaign for his release, especially among collectives of the anarchist movement.amnesty

I want to thank eternally for the support of all good people, but I also want to remember that individualism leads to nothing. I believe in true freedom, and that can only be given by ANARCHY.”  José Antúnez

 Solidarity with José Antunez Becerra on hunger strike for his rights since January 14, a former member of COPEL (Coordination of Prisoners in Struggle) and convicted of mutiny in the prison of Quatre Camins in 2004,

The adoptive family of José Antunez Becerra, who was part of COPEL and was convicted of mutiny Quatrecamins April 2004, asks us to give great publicity to the hunger strike that began on January 14 to defend his rights after exhausting all appeals to the 6th section of the Criminal Court of Barcelona, ​​which condemned him for the mutiny of Quatre Camins, and the direction of Brians 2 prison where he is now locked up.

Antúnez Becerra started this fight to demand review of his new conviction of nineteen more years in prison, issued following the mutiny of the prison of Quatre Camins in 2004, since he considers this sentence as revenge for his long activism against the institutions of prison.

 “I am now paying an injustice, because  I was part of an organization called COPEL (Coordination of Prisoners in Struggle). The basis to condemn me has been my history, and also political pressure received from the prison unions and the media “.

With the hunger strike, Antúnez also claimed some rights accruing to him as a prisoner, for example, to obtain permits and future projects because he meets the requirements for workshops or courses but is never allowed. libertat

In addition, he has always been victimized as a troublemaker in the various prisons where he has gone up until today, because he is picked on, applying unreasonable searches and controls, returning late or not at all his belongings after each transfer, This has been confirmed by family and prisoner support groups.

José Antunez  has lost a lot of weight but still finds courage and strength to continue the struggle,  “Before the prison administration kills me slowly , I will fight against the injustice committed both by the court that sentenced me, and the prison administration” says Antunez in its statement. Support groups have asked to give Jose Antunez Becerra maximum publicity and pressure,

prison uprising

The Quatre Camins Mutiny of 2004

José Antúnez Becerra saw his sentence increased by nineteen years in prison. In fact due to a discretionary law he’s suffering covert life imprisonment , up to 30 cumulative years in prison for the judgment issued in 2008 in the wake of the events of the riot in the prison of Quatre Camins in 2004 .

The riot arose due to an unbearable situation arose, according to the inmates, who lived in the said prison. In 2002 and there was a previous riot due to the lack of medical care, deaths in custody and the claim of various rights Collective support prisoners and prisoners of Quatre Camins own report that “torture, they harassment, humiliation and abuse in the center were systematic “and that” lawsuits were filed normally “. In this context, the spark of the uprising of 2004 was when, before a group of prisoners, several guards beat an inmate for the fact of being without permission in the laundry.

Following the mutiny, during which the deputy director of Quatre Camins Manuel Tallón, 56 was injured, prisoners were transferred to various prisons in Catalonia and at least five of them even were dispersed under FIES regime prisons throughout the Spanish State.

On July 5, 2004, the Government already admitted the possibility that 26 prisoners had been beaten and abused by prison before leaving Quatre Camins, hours after the riot been controlled.

Prisoners affected speak of “severe beatings” and “mandatory pass” through a long corridor formed by guards on either side as they received indiscriminately brutal beatings with batons and kicking”.

The trial against the rioting prisoners took place in 2008, when they were tried thirteen of them. Seven were sentenced for the crime of attempted murder and three were acquitted. One of those seven people is José Antunez , who now requires that the sentence be revised, taking into account that the judgment made in May 2013 against various jailers -for the subsequent repression of the mutiny were evident among the various contradictions and facts stated by the prison administration and the situation of abuse and torture suffered by prisoners rioting in 2004.

 Los próximos días serán claves en la lucha de Antunez Becerra y es por eso que la solidaridad fuera de los muros debe hacerse sentir con más fuerza.

Porque José no esta solo…

Te queremos con vida¡¡¡
Te queremos libre¡¡¡


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