The Names UpDate: 401 Killed By US Police Since January 1st, 2015



CDeD9dPVIAAj_bPBelow are listed the 401 names of those Killed by Police In This Year alone. The list will be updated weekly.


Jared Johnson
Joshua Green
Joshua Deysie
Andrew Jackson
Michael Brown

bzoxioncmae1jbgFridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad
John D. Acree
Jeffery O. Adkins
Alexia Christian
Erick Emmanuel Salas Sanchez
Kenneth Mathena
Kevin Vance Norton
Nadir Soofi
Elton Simpson
Billy Grimm
Michael Asher
Roark K. Cook
David Parker
Michelle Cusseaux

Kajieme Powell
John Crawford
Ezell Ford
Eric Garner
Clinton Allen
Roshad McIntosh
Oscar Grant
Sean Bell
Miriam Carey
Tamir Rice, 12

Akai Gurley
Vonderrit Myers
Walter Scott
Eric Harris
Freddie Gray
Brandon Lawrence
Daniel Howard Davis
Renisha McBride
Rekia Boyd
Felix David
Gary Timmie Collins
Mark Cecil Hawkins
Karen Jenks
Hector Morejon
Samuel Harrell
Joseph Potts
Ervin Leon Edwards
William L. Chapman II
Dontrell Stephens
Natasha McKenna
Terry Lee Chatman
Jonathan Efraim
Christopher Lee Lucas
Jose E. Herrera
Carlos Saavedra…


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