New Mega Prison attacked by Activists

Smash Prison Society

 Sabotage against Wrexham mega prison

wrexhamLast night an action took place at the site of Europe’s second largest prison in construction on Wrexham Industrial Estate in North Wales. The mega-prison, if built, will cage more than 2100 human beings at any one time. Multiple large diggers and construction equipment had their engines destroyed. Slogans were sprayed on the half-built prison fences including ‘Fuck Lend Lease’ and ‘Fire to the Prisons’.o-SOLITARY-CONFINEMENT-facebook

This is a warning to any company large or small that that is involved in the North Wales Prison Project, or any other prison building scheme that the state initiates. You are a target and you will feel the venom of the working classes fighting back.

This action is dedicated to every slit wrist, suicide attempt, destroyed family and oppressed community harmed by the prison system.B56A6B39-6FDA-4C15-931C-F0B49C5F8A2D_cx14_cy0_cw86_mw1024_s_n_r1

Note of Contra Info: Wrexham mega-prison contract was awarded to Lend Lease, a multinational company headquartered in Australia.lendlease-300x141

Note from Rabble: there is lots of info on the Wrexham mega prison project at the website of “Community Action against Prison Expansion”.


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