Brits find refugees ‘disgusting’: maybe a ‘refugee experience’ package? But the reality…

xenophobic-headlines… every morning for generations now the British public have been blasted with millions of copies of  LIES LIES LIES..…by their DISGUSTING sewer press,

… the British sewer press, owned by the 1% with the mission of making lolly from twisted SEXIST, RACIST and CLASSIST propaganda pasted over any incident or tragedy available..

. . the British Ruling Class, fleecing the poor while wallowing in stolen riches from the rigged financial system and inherited colonial possessions…

…targeting and branding refugees, women, young, unemployed, occupiers, instead of o-EXPRESS-ELECTION-FRONT-PAGE-570themselves,  as evil anti social spongers,

… so the British State accepted 70 Syrian refugees.. out of 9,000,000.. jolly good show.
… so they want to bomb Libyan refugee boats.. when bombing Libya (to try to steal their oil) CAUSED the refugee boats.

… so their brainwashed subjects applaud and VOTE THE TORIES BACK IN.. while a few… (amplified millions of times in the sewer press) complain about the ‘DISGUSTING’ refugees viewed on their package holidays.


Nowhere to go: Two young migrant mothers breastfeed their babies outside Kos police station. Holidaymakers have complained some migrants sit outside restaurants watching them eatYesterday the Daily Mail published an article about Brits on holiday on the Greek island of Kos, who bemoaned the number of poor and refugees there and how they are annoyed to witness such dire poverty after forking out money to pay for their annual holiday. Two versions by Daily Mail staff of the offending article can be found below (the first was considered too provocative). The article contrasts sharply with the generosity of the Greek people who, despite their country facing bankruptcy and coping with 40% unemployment and unheard of austerity measures, have shown the world their kind-heartedness in how they have helped feed and clothe and care for the refugees arriving on their shores. Similarly, the heroic efforts of MOAS and MSF in their daily rescue missions, which have seen over 4000 lives saved by these two organisations alone. Over the last two weeks Britain’s HMS Bulwark saved…

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