UK Revolt to Kick Off?.. Demo June 20th

Growing revolt on UK streets – 20 June Demo – London


A growing mood of angry defiance of the capitalist system has been in evidence on the streets of the UK in recent weeks.

The latest instance took place in Brighton on Saturday June 6, where a large anti-austerity protest in the city culminated in the storming of the former Barclays bank at Preston Circus.


A new radical alternative community space is being created there – “a space for organising actions to challenge all recent and ongoing political events”. The wish listincludes camping stoves, cutlery, cups, plates, bowls, pans, duvets, sleeping bags, sofas, mattresses, books and clothes.

Carswell, the new far-right MP  told the corporate press: “Out of nowhere a mob, over 100 strong, and it got incredibly nasty.''
Carswell, the new far-right MP told the corporate press: “Out of nowhere a mob, over 100 strong, and it got incredibly nasty.”

In another recent incident, far right-wing politician Douglas Carswell (UKIP’s only MP) was targeted by what he laughably described as a “murderous lynch mob” during anti-capitalist protests in London on Wednesday May 27.

Protesters succeeded in breaking through police cordons during the protests in Westminster against the Queen’s Speech announcing the latest neoliberal government agenda.

may 27 london4

Carswell told the corporate press: “Out of nowhere a mob, over 100 strong, and it got incredibly nasty. I mean this was a lynch mob on the streets of London. It was an incredibly violent nasty mob and I was shocked”.

Hundreds also took to the streets of Liverpool on the same day. They held a sit-in protest on the Strand, bringing rush-hour traffic to a standstill, then demonstrated outside the Capital Building in Old Hall Street, before blockading the entrance to the Queensway Tunnel – leaving cars stranded underground – and over-running the main terminal at Lime Street station.

Local media reported that the protesters included “anarchists” and people “wearing Guy Fawkes masks”.

The next big anti-austerity protest in London is on Saturday June 20 assembling at 12 noon outside the Bank of England in Queen Victoria Street (Bank tube station).

The Rabble anarchist website notes: “If a Tory government prompts more people to join us on the streets, we say it’s a good thing”.

From the Acorn, with thanks!.

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and here is that fiery Rabble report

Coming up: 20 June big march in central London


Next Saturday 20 June sees the “People’s Assembly” march Against Austerity in central London. We can expect tens of thousands on the streets: some 64K say they’re going on fakebook, with union branches from across the country bussing in the faithful on coaches.

The organisers’ plan is for a standard A to B shuffle from the Bank of England to Parliament Square, where there will be the customary speeches as well as musical entertainment. The stewards will try to keep all in order. The rumour going round is that the People’s Assembly, which is bankrolled by Unite and the other big unions, has agreed to pay the Met Police several tens of thousands for the pleasure of disciplining us. (If anyone has evidence of this, please do share.)

The advertised start time is 12 Noon. The route is: Queen Victoria Street, New Bridge Street,  Fleet Street, The Strand, through Trafalgar Square then down Whitehall. (Here’s the route map.) Once again here is the G8 2013 map of some local attractions in the West End, though there are plenty not on it. The rally in Parliament Square is supposed to begin at 2.30 PM.

There is an official list of “blocs”, including housing, queer, feminist and indeed a squatter’s bloc, which you can see here.

Mouthy troublemakers Class War have put out a statement saying that they are not gonna march, but will instead stay hanging around at the Bank of England:

“CLASS WAR will be assembling at the bank of England but we’ll be staying there – in the belly of the beast. As thousand of marchers collapse from torpor and ennui and boredom – and that’s before they move off – CW will offer a clear alternative of radical action. At last you can chose between same old A- B boredom or be part of the largest angry brigade ever. Tough call.”June20

Right-wing rag the Daily Mail, as per usual, helps get the hype going with a scare story in its Sunday paper about anarchists and far-left activists hatching plots to make things rowdy. The article includes a fake quote from this website: they stitched together a few random lines from our ideas piece on How Can We Raise The London Mob?

Will it kick off? Secret anarchist plots aside … who knows. On the plus side, there is real anger about, as we’re all being pushed and pushed to the limit by the fuckers grasping to control and exploit every corner of our cities, our streets, our lives.

But for all the bluster and fighting talk, who’s doing any actual fighting? The last few demos in the centre have seen a few minor scuffles, but at the end of the day we let ourselves get pushed about by plod once again, before retiring down the pub or the squat party to sink a few pints and drown our sorrows.

Enough of that bollocks. On Saturday, and every day, it’s down to all of us to make shit happen.


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