ECB ‘pulls plug today’. Greece to Default. Euro to crash?

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GREEK CRISIS EXPLODES- ECB ‘to end Greek bank lifeline’

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greek default

If the EU, the ECB and the IMF are willing to treat one of its members, as they have been then it’s time to end the EU experiment.

This is going to be one of those moments we look back on. What did we do when EU tried to overthrow an elected government in ?

  1. Demonstrations will express their to austerity on FRIDAY all over Europe:

  2. ‘How Europe cancelled Germany’s debt in 1953’ Why won’t the IMF give ground on debt cancellation?

  3. In the vs tennis match the ball runs very fast but sometimes crashes into the net.

  4. On 6 July Troika – IMF will probably turn to Brecht: Would it not be easier in that case To dissolve the people and elect another?

  5. : Banner raised on the White Tower, Thessaloniki in favor of Οχι [NO] & “No to fear”

  6. By : Alexis Tsipras has played a very bad hand extremely well, despite what doomsayers suggest

    1. : PM A.Tsipras’ address on the referendum to be held on the 5th of July (with subtitles)

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