Solidarity with Greece demonstrators interrupt Angela Merkel


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This video says about itself:

Merkel OXI-ed: Greek solidarity protesters heckle chancellor’s speech

4 July 2015

Several activists interrupted the German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s speech, during the CDU open day marking the 70th anniversary of the party, in Berlin, Saturday.


‘OXI!’: Greek solidarity protesters interrupt Merkel’s speech (VIDEO)

July 04, 2015 20:35

A speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel was interrupted by a group anti-austerity protestors, who chanted ‘No’ in Greek in support of a negative vote in Greece’s Sunday’s referendum on whether to accept the harsh bailout demands of its creditors.

The incident occurred when Merkel was just about to begin her speech at an event in Berlin dedicated to her Christian Democratic Union Party’s 70th anniversary.

The demonstrators chanted “OXI,” which means “No” in Greek, and displayed small signs with the same message.

Security officers were quick to remove the protestors…

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