The Devastating Refugee Crisis On Greek Islands

7a6f8487-3eec-4cdc-a693-831b40f51095-2060x1236Britain accepted only 90 Syrian Refugees last year

Despite partly provoking the war, making a fortune allowing dodgy arms sales, and now openly bombing the country in defiance of their own parliament, the UK govt. declined to join the UN’s resettlement programme – which began last year. Only 90 Syrians have been resettled in the UK as the number soars over 4 million.

Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle

by Alexandra Ma, The Huffington Post, 07/17/2015

Every night, some 1,000 refugees arrive at the Greek island of Lesbos, many cramped on rubber dingys carrying 35 to 45 people each. More than half of them fled Syria, others left violence-torn Afghanistan and Iraq.

After making it safely onto Lesbos’ shores, for many refugees, a harsh reality check awaits. The number of migrants arriving on the Greek island in hopes of finding safety and a better life in the European Union has risen dramatically in the past year, but the island lacks the resources to accommodate them properly.

A migrant family rests in the Kara Tepe transit camp in Lesbos, Greece.

New migrants usually arrive on the island’s northern shore and need to make their way 40 miles south to the transit camps, where they stay up to ten days before moving to a detention center to be…

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