WhatsApp to be BANNED in the UK as Cops can’t Spy on it!

 Enjoy WhatsApp in UK while you still can.

UK Govt to Ban WhatsApp and All Other Encrypted Communications

British police forces made 733,237 requests to view communications data over a three-year period, according to a new report by campaign group Big Brother Watch.

Cameron cited ‘Operational requirements’  which refers to renewed fears of revenge attacks due to the illegal UK ‘state-terrorist’ bombing of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia and indirectly in Yemen. Britain has a growing market selling arms to all sides, fuelling the expanding conflicts and refusing and deporting desperate refugees and asylum seekers.

Cameron  asked—without a hint of embarrassment—“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which […] we cannot read?” He quickly answered his own question: “‘No, we must not.’”
Cameron’s suggestion was part of a larger push to revive the “Snooper’s Charter.”…It includes a provision to ban WhatsApp, iMessage, and Snapchat “to stop people from sending any form of encrypted messages.”

The Home Office claimed it would “better equip law enforcement and intelligence agencies to meet their key operational requirements” by allowing them to monitor communications more invasively.

Facebook and Google and all others would be required to hand over whatever information the government wants, when it wants it…

Cameron pontificated this week that “…the question we must ask ourselves is whether, as technology develops, we are content to leave a safe space – a new means of communication – for terrorists to communicate with each other.”

Conservatives in Parliament are expected to pass the bill (previously killed by liberal Democrats in the previous administration) with enforcement as early as 2016, even as computing experts warn the policies may enable the very terrorists they are intended to thwart.


sources    Antimedia/ Big Brother Watch/ Press Reports



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