Spain: Cops evict Anti Gag Law Camp after 17 days

Spain: Police Eviction of Acampada Mordaza in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv

Police have prevented filming and photographs but activists present managed to record the police eviction of#AcampadaMordaza:

VIDEO: Eviction #AcampadaMordaza 25/07/2015

There wasn’t a very large group. About 20 people have been camping in Puerta del Sol since July 7 in protest of the draconian gag laws that went into effect July 1. The new laws limit free expression in Spain and subject anyone filming police to heavy fines and possible jail sentences, punishing public assemblies and suppressing the right to protest.

Young people have been imprisoned, held without reason, followed by police and spied on. There are reports of “black lists” where police have identified people who have participated in demonstrations.

Everyday at 9pm activists have held public assemblies in Puerta del Sol to discuss the restrictive laws and rights of the people. On July 25 at dawn police evicted the camp and arrested activists resisting the gag laws.

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Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv

Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv

Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv


Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv

Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv

Screenshot of video by @alitwittt & @mainouv

The activists arrested have since been released and plan to continue the resistance against the ley mordaza. An assembly has already called for tonight at 9pm in Puerta del Sol.

“Assembly in Sol at 21h after the #AcampadaMordaza eviction. WE CONTINUE”

“They can evict us, fine us, beat us… but our ideas are bulletproof. Today at 21h in Sol against the gag law.”

You can follow news in Spanish of #AcampadaMordaza on twitter at @AcampadaMordaza. We are following events in Madrid and will update as information becomes available.



Erin Gallagher is a multimedia artist, translator and writer for Revolution News.

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