Motorway blocked! – The jungle’s answer to Theresa May’s visit to Calais


Calais Migrant Solidarity

Today Theresa May and Bernard Cazeneuve came to town. They told some lies, spilled some ink, and took a walk. Of course, they made sure to get no where close the jungle or speak to any of those people who would be directly effected by their malign decisions. However, people here were not going to let their visit pass without making a statement.

There was a demonstration held in the city center. Local Calaisiens and people from the jungle got together and tried to get close to the Prefecture and express their disgust with the so-termed “solutions” to the crisis in Calais that were being presented today. Although few, they were able to get quite close to the Prefecture before being met and forced back by CRS.

Meanwhile, people from the jungle were continuing to try to come and join the demonstration. A group were walking in the road with…

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