500 Europeans fighting with YPG Revolution: homage to Kevin Jochim

Sunday, August 23, 20154189230429The internationalist fighters are fighting in a troop called “Lions of Rojava” in the ranks of the YPG, while many originally Kurdish Europeans go to South Kurdistan in order to fight in the ranks of peshmerga forces.

Ahmad Mayi, the spokesperson of peshmerga forces in South Kurdistan, who have returned back to Iraq after long years in Sweden, also confirms that many Europeans are fighting in the ranks of peshmerga forces in Iraq.

Jesper Söder is one of the very few Swedish citizens fighting in the ranks of the YPG who disclosed their names. Söder says he disclosed his ID in order to draw public attention in Sweden and the world to what is going on in Syria and Rojava, and to contribute to increasing international community’s support to the Kurdish people. Söder tells that around 400 Swedish citizens have conveyed to him through social media their desire to contribute to the ongoing struggle in Rojava, including those who want to join the ranks of the fight.

Remarking that hundreds of British, French, Italian, American and Canadian women and men take part in his troop, Söder explains the reason why he joined the YPG as follows: “I felt the necessity to do something in the face of the massacres perpetrated by ISIS gangs against the people from other nations and faith groups. I would not be able to relieve my conscience by just donating 100 kroners.

Not everyone can join the YPG ranks but all can somehow contribute to the struggle. The Kurds welcomed me as a family member. It is not only Rojava and Syria but also the European countries that are facing a threat by the ISIS. I try to contribute to Kurds to stop ISIS there before it reaches here”.

Söder has recently come to Sweden for a treatment after getting wounded in a mine explosion, and says he will turn back to his troop in Rojava once the treatment finishes.

Funeral Of German YPG Dilsoz Bahar Held August 22nd In Karlsruhe


The funeral of German YPG fighter Dilsoz Bahar (Kevin Jochim) was held on August 22nd in the city of Karlsruhe, says an article from ANF. Jochim had been in Rojava as part of the YPG since 2012 and was killed in clashes with ISIS on July 6th during operations around Girê Spî (Til Abyad). Turkey had prevented the Jochim’s body – along with the bodies of 12 other YPG fighters – from crossing from Rojava into Turkey and his body was eventually transferred to Dusseldorf, Germany from Hewler (Erbil). ,The funeral took place on August 22nd

Hans Brun, a well-known terror expert, says people go to other countries to fight not to have adventure but rather for ideological and moral purposes, adding that he thinks those who go to Syria have some other reasons as well.

Brun compares those who go to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS to the Nazis who fought on the side of Hitler during the 2nd World War, and says; “There are many similarities between the volunteers of ISIS and those of SS. The policies of the SS aimed to ensure race unity by annihilating some other groups. In the same way, ISIS policy aims to build a religious unity by eliminating and annihilating some groups”.

Hans Brun draws attention to the fact that in modern times has never witnessed a participation of so many people going to fight in a conflict area as those going to Iraq and Syria to fight against ISIS. He likens those who fight on the side of YPG or peshmerga forces in Iraq and Syria to those who fought on the side of Republicans against the Franco regime during the Spanish Civil War.

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