Fear, Loathing and Collective Amnesia in Crisis-Ridden, Scandal-Hit Spain

Raging Bull-shit

The following is a somewhat shortened, redacted article from September 2013 (click here to read the original). Its subject matter — the threat posed by rising geographic, social and political divisions in an already deeply divided Spain — is arguably even more pertinent today than it was back then. 

If Spain and Catalonia were playing a real rather than figurative game of Russian Roulette, the revolver would now be loaded with at least two or three bullets. On Tuesday night, an extra one was slipped into a chamber when the Principe de Asturias prize-winning economist Juan Valerde announced that Madrid may have to “bomb Barcelona” in order to put a halt to the region’s rising separatist aspirations.

Speaking in an interview with Tele Madrid, Valerde, once a member of the extreme right-wing movement Falange and a former contributor to the Francoist newspaper Arriba, warned that what the Catalan government…

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