Resistance Planned against giant NATO (US) War Games (Oct + Nov)

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In Oct and Nov 2015, the US is holding, via NATO the biggest ever war games, as a complement to its nuclear provocation against Russia and China and sponsored wars around the globe. Not only do we have to pay billions for this psycopathic bullying but it makes us all targets of thermonuclear warheads.

This is an opportunity to show our resistance however we can.

These are some demonstration callouts already from the Iberian peninsula:

  1. PGCG @PlataformaGCG  Global Anti Wars Platform.   Demo in Madrid, 23 Sept 2015, Foreign Affairs Ministry.

    Concentración en Madrid, día 23 de septiembre, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores


    3. Zaragoza:   /Callouts for 1st phase of resistance./Estas son las fechas de la primera fase de la Campaña contra la OTAN y sus maniobras:Torrero: 10 de septiembre, 19.30 horas en AV Venecia (calle Granada 43).San José: 11 de septiembre, 19.30 horas en AV  San José (calle Ventura Rodríguez 12).Delicias: 14 de septiembre, 19.00 horas en las Esquinas del Psiquiátrico. Asamblea 15M Delicias.Casco Histórico: 15 de septiembre, 19.30 horas en AV Lanuza Casco Viejo (calle San Pablo 23).Las Fuentes: 18 de septiembre, 19.30 horas en la Fundación el Tranvía (calle Fray Luis Urbano 11).img_40549

    “Las maniobras de la OTAN en Zaragoza son un acto de guerra” 

    4. also in Aragon on 25th Sept the mega CONCERT AGAINST NATO /concierto Anti-OTAN /with bands.. Siniestro Total, Habeas Corpus, Def con Dos, Berri Txarrak, Irregular Roots, Nacho Vegas, Dj Pendejo y Jaime Ocaña. El viernes 25 de septiembre, la Sala Multiusos del Auditorio Zaragoza

    5.Platform against militarization of Albacete. Demos planned./Plataforma contra la Militarización de Albacete el 6 de septiembre de 2015 en la Plaza de la Constitución.

    6.  Barbate (Cadiz) Ist demo had 700 people against NATO firing range in Oct War games. From the pacifist and anti-militarist movement in Andalusia there are initiatives to organize civil disobedience actions in Barbate from October 30 to November 2. Check here for next resistance

    7. Video Campaign against NATO War Games /Video Campaña Contra la OTAN y sus Maniobras.

NATO is the USA plus all the ‘allies’ that it has strong-armed into aiding its world domination. US power may be declining, with a $59,400 billion debt (and in danger of losing the ‘great dollar hegemony scam’) but it’s still more powerful than all the rest of us combined.

This ‘rogue state’ has been at war for 222 years out of its 239 year history, building a worldwide network of  more than 1000 bases and/or military Installations and controlling dozens of ”partners” via its imposed NATO Alliance.

It’s a World War III scenario, with nuclear provocation up to the borders of Russia, and continuous spreading wars  destroying a dozen countries with millions of refugees, countless casualties and linked to climate chaos and environmental mayhem.

Call to Action against NATO maneuvers “Trident Juncture 2015”

eAntimilitarist Alternative, MOC, calls for protest and civil disobedience11951799_1522588931365249_7372040002461435589_n

During the months of October and November 6, 2015 Trident Juncture maneuvers of NATO, mainly in Italy, Portugal and the Spanish State will take place. With the participation of more than 36,000 troops from 30 states, the maneuvers will be “the most important NATO exercise during 2015” and “the largest deployment of NATO since the” Cold War “and in the last decade, according to the Spanish Defense Ministry.A protest march steps of from Grant Park west on Jackson Sunday, May 20, 2012 toward 22nd and Michigan for a rally targeting the NATO Summit. (MICHAEL TERCHA/Chicago Tribune) B582116854Z.1 - ct-met-nato-chicago-protest-0521 1 ....OUTSIDE TRIBUNE CO.- NO MAGS, NO SALES, NO INTERNET, NO TV, CHICAGO OUT, NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION...

More than half of military force, 20,000 soldiers will be deployed at eight points of the Spanish State: the National Training Centers in San Gregorio (Zaragoza) and Chinchilla (Albacete), in the field of maneuvers and Tyre ‘Alvarez de Sotomayor’ (Almería),  the Amphibious Training Camp in Sierra del Retin (Cadiz) and air bases in Albacete, Son San Joan (Palma de Mallorca), Torrejon and Zaragoza. Also, there will be”super maneuvers” of theUS Marines in the Morón de la Frontera US Airbase..

The maneuvers have two distinct phases: a command post and “simulated war” (Command Post Exercise, CPX, from 3-16 October), which will take place within the headquarters of the participating states, and another real stage (Live Exercise, LIVEX, from October 21 to November 6, 2015), in which different naval, air operations, ground offensive, amphibious landings, paratroopers launches actions in urban environment, interventions in CBRN environment [nuclear, radiological, bacteriological and chemical tests] and performance of special operations forces, among others.

In the Spanish state most of the military will be deployed to San Gregorio (Zaragoza), although Andalusia also has an important role during the maneuvers. At the moment, they are already building a large camp in Zaragoza Air Base for up to 1,600 soldiers.

Demo against War Games Base  in Retin (Cadiz)  /Manifestación-contra-el-Campo-de-Maniobras-del-Retín-

With these maneuvers NATO will ”implement the lessons learned in the war of occupation in Afghanistan”, and practice how to intervene militarily in northern Africa with huge invasive potential. They will rehearse how to get control of -water, minerals and hydrocarbon natural resources in a context of profound environmental degradation and energy shortages. NATO is interested in Africa due to the conflict potential of climate change and because it has a great wealth of natural resources: minerals (platinum, chromium, manganese and cobalt, among others) and hydrocarbons which represent a large proportion of global reserves.

We report also on the largest ever submarine exercise in the dynamic manta 2015Mediterranean: MANTA 2015 (DYMA 15) with ships, submarines, aircraft and personnel from nine nations. They began on September 11 and end Sept 23. Submarines from France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, under the control of NATO Submarine Command (COMSUBNATO). Why the hell are countries like Greece, Turkey, and even Spain and Italy, mired in a serious economic and social crises, spending this fortune on intimidating military maneuvers and wasting resources from social needs, to support US military blackmail?

In the African power game the Spanish state has an important role in maintaining the security of transport routes of natural resources (Red Sea and the Horn of Africa), in addition to its own military and economic interests. Therefore the vast majority of the Spanish State military missions taking place on the continent, or the Middle East. Spain is responsible for controlling the “south western border” of the European Union, to stem the migration of people fleeing poverty or war, ensuring that the effects of the policies of exploitation of the continent do not impact on European strength. The Spanish State is a spearhead of NATO in Africa.


But the NATO exercises are also designed to send a message of strength and put pressure on its neighbour Russia. In this respect the participation of Ukraine – though not yet formally a member of the alliance country – is significant. Trident Juncture not only serves not only to show Russia the ability (and willingness) of the NATO military but will also be used to train the cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, the main message is not for Russia, much less for the Islamic State, Al Quaida and other, whose existence and armed actions are used as justification and propaganda war.11903735_1518616278429181_3090293249095302050_n

It is more likely that the main message is for China, a country with strong economic and strategic interests in Africa. China is investing in many African countries, building infrastructure to extract natural resources – especially minerals – from the continent. Curbing Chinese expansion in Africa from the main competitor of the member states of the Atlantic Alliance, is one of the hidden motives of these “super wargames”. All this is part of the imperialist competition between the military powers and their dependence on the commercial interests of transnational corporations.

The huge US airbase n Moron means that Spain is a target for Russian and Chinese thermonuclear warheads.
The huge US airbase n Morón means that Spain is a target for Russian and Chinese thermonuclear warheads.


The Trident Juncture war games protect only a privileged minority and increase global military spending at the expense of vital investment in social and humanitarian needs, such as fighting the dramatic consequences of the capitalist crisis, curbing environmental degradation, promoting fair trade, solidarity and economic cooperation for the overall development of the planet.

Only in 2014 world military expenditure was 1800 billion dollars, while in 2016 the State Spanish consume 24,489.96 million in the preparation of war and social control. Today the 5 countries with the highest military spending in Western Europe are France, UK, Germany, Italy and the Kingdom of Spain.

These “super wargames” increase insecurity in the world and make our population into a main stage of war operations. We bring the war “home”, we become direct collaborators of the violence of NATO, and therefore also a military target of NATO’s rivals, as well as encouraging terrorism, social division, racism, and fear …6a00d8341c630a53ef01676284b368970b-600wi

Hosting these maneuvers represent a bloody burden bloody on world progress, they are a means of irrational destruction and economic and ideological domination, and “a conquest of power”. We need to free ourselves for the good of mankind and the Earth.

Therefore, and due to its high relevance, we call for global solidarity and cooperation of societies in active nonviolence struggle for real democracy, social and environmental justice and sustainable redistribution of wealth and resources the planet. We call for civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action against Trident Juncture 2015 maneuvers of NATO.

Several groups are preparing protests and civil resistance during the development of “super waargames”  and we ask for your support and cooperation. We also invite decentralization and self-management of the protest (Organize your own disobedient action and coordinate it with others). From the pacifist and anti-militarist movement in Andalusia there are initiatives to organize civil disobedience actions in Barbate from October 30 to November 2 (opposite the Amphibious Training Camp Sierra del Retin) supported by the Alternative and Antimilitarists,MOC  and the European Antimilitarist Network. In Zaragoza we are organizing protests from 3 to 6 November (the Campo de San Gregorio will again be the protagonist of the militarist barbarism). It is urgent to show our rejection of war and the new threat of NATO.Gaza-destruction-and-death

People have the power and responsibility to stop the greed and violence and improve our fragile little world.

Zaragoza, Planet Earth, Sept 1, 2015.

Contact Coordination: Mambrú [AT]

More information will be regularly updated on the web “Insumissia” (, section “NATO maneuvers” Trident Juncture “2015”. Short Link to section:

original en castellano

Llamamiento a la acción contra las maniobras de la OTAN «Trident Juncture 2015»

Alternativa Antimilitarista.MOC, por la extensión de la protesta y la resistencia civil

Sección:Maniobras OTAN «Trident Juncture» 2015
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Durante el mes de octubre y hasta el 6 de noviembre de 2015 tendrán lugar las maniobras Trident Juncture de la OTAN, principalmente en Italia, Portugal y en el Estado Español. Con la participación de más de 36.000 militares de 30 estados, las maniobras serán “el ejercicio mas importante de la OTAN durante 2015” y “el mayor despliegue de la Alianza Atlántica tras la «Guerra Fría» y en la última década, según el propio Ministerio de Defensa Español. Más de la mitad de la fuerza militar, 20.000 soldados, se desplegaran en ocho puntos del Estado Español: los Centros Nacionales de Adiestramiento de San Gregorio (Zaragoza) y Chinchilla (Albacete), en el Campo de Maniobras y Tiro ‘Álvarez de Sotomayor’ (Almería) y en el Campo de Adiestramiento Anfibio de la Sierra del Retín (Cádiz), así como en las bases aéreas de Albacete, Son San Joan (Palma de Mallorca), Torrejón y Zaragoza. Además, participarán en las «super maniobras» los marines estadounidenses de Morón de la Frontera.

Cazabombardero F-4 Phantom II de la USAF practicando bombardeo real (bombas de 500 lb) en el polígono de tiro en Bardenas (Navarra)
Cazabombardero F-4 Phantom II de la USAF practicando bombardeo real (bombas de 500 lb) en el polígono de tiro en Bardenas (Navarra)

Las maniobras tendrán dos fases distintas: una de puesto de mando y «guerra simulada»(Command Post Exercise, CPX, del 3 a 16 de octubre), que se desarrollará dentro de las cuarteles de los estados participantes, y otra fase real (Live Exercise, LIVEX, del 21 de octubre al 6 de noviembre de 2015), en la que se ensayarán diferentes operaciones navales, aéreas, ofensiva terrestre, desembarcos anfibios, lanzamientos paracaidistas, acciones en ambiente urbano, intervenciones en ambiente NRBQ [nuclear, radiológico, bacteriológico y químico] y actuación de fuerzas de operaciones especiales, entre otras. En el Estado español la mayor parte de los militares se desplegaran a San Gregorio (Zaragoza), aunque Andalucía también tiene también un papel importante durante las maniobras. Por el momento, ya están construyendo un gran campamento en la Base Aérea de Zaragoza con capacidad para 1.600 militares.11892103_1518631725094303_4448540951998539801_n

Con estas maniobras la OTAN pondrá en práctica las lecciones aprendidas en la guerra de ocupación de Afganistán, practicará cómo intervenir militarmente en el norte de África con un potencial enorme, de cariz invasivo. Ensayará cómo conseguir el control de recursos naturales –agua, minerales e hidrocarburos– en un contexto de profunda degradación ambiental y escasez energética. La OTAN se interesa por África por el potencial conflictivo del cambio climático y porque tiene una riqueza abundante de recursos naturales: minerales (platino, cromo, manganeso y cobalto, entre otros) y de hidrocarburos que representan una gran parte de las reservas mundiales.

En el juego de poder sobre África el Estado español tiene un papel importante, como mantener la seguridad de las rutas de transporte de los recursos naturales (Mar Rojo y el Cuerno de África), además de sus propios intereses militares y económicos. Por ello la gran mayoría de las misiones militares del Estado español tienen lugar en el continente, o en el Oriente Próximo. España es responsable de controlar la “frontera sur” de la Unión Europea, de contener la migración de las personas que huyen de la pobreza o de la guerra, garantizando que los efectos de las políticas de explotación del continente no repercutan sobre la fortaleza europea. El Estado español representa la punta de lanza de la OTAN en África.imgp2013

Pero también las maniobras de la OTAN están diseñadas para enviar un mensaje de fuerza y de presión a Rusia en sus territorios limítrofes a través de la guerra parcial o indirecta. En este sentido la participación de Ucrania – que formalmente no es un país miembro de la alianza – es significativa. Trident Juncture no solamente sirve para mostrar a Rusia la capacidad (y voluntad) militar de la OTAN, además sirve para entrenar la cooperación con las Fuerzas Armadas de Ucrania.

No obstante, el mensaje principal no es para Rusia, y mucho menos para el Estado Islámico, Al Quaida y otros, cuya existencia y acciones armadas son utilizadas como justificación y propaganda de guerra. Es más probable que el mensaje principal sea para China, un país que tiene fuertes intereses económicos y geoestratégicos en África. China esta invirtiendo en muchos países de África, construyendo infraestructuras para asegurarse de los recursos naturales – sobre todo minerales – del continente.

Frenar la expansión China en África, principal competidor de los estados miembros de la Alianza Atlántica, es uno de los motivos ocultos de estas «supermaniobras». Todo esto forma parte de la competencia imperialista entre las potencias militares y su dependencia de los intereses comerciales de las empresas transnacionales._cdbqekjxiaahjdi_f5b9c57d


Las maniobras Trident Juncture protegen exclusivamente a una minoría privilegiada, acrecientan el gasto militar mundial en detrimento de la inversión imprescindible en necesidades sociales y humanitarias, como combatir las consecuencias dramáticas de la crisis capitalista, frenar la degradación medioambiental, promover el comercio justo, la solidaridad económica o la cooperación para el desarrollo global del planeta. Sólo en 2014 el gasto militar mundial fue de 1,8 billones de dólares, mientras que en 2016 el Estado Español consumirá 24.489,96 millones en la preparación de la guerra y en control social. En la actualidad los 5 países con mayor gasto militar de Europa occidental son Francia, Reino Unido, Alemania, Italia y el reino de España.

Sus “supermaniobras” incrementan la inseguridad del planeta y, particularmente, la nuestra, por situarnos como escenario principal de sus operaciones de guerra. Nos traen la guerra «a casa», nos convierten en colaboradores directos de la violencia de la OTAN, y, por tanto, en objetivo de guerra de sus oponentes, alientan el terrorismo, la división social, el racismo, el miedo…20070114161614-20070111144218-otan-21-enero

Los ejércitos, estas maniobras, representan una carga sangrienta para el progreso mundial, son medios de destrucción irracional, de dominación económica, ideológica y de “conquista del poder” de los que necesitamos liberarnos por el bien de la humanidad y de la Tierra. Por ello, y por su alta relevancia, hacemos un llamamiento a la solidaridad mundial y a la cooperación de las sociedades en la lucha de la noviolencia activa por la democracia real, la justicia social y medioambiental y la redistribución sostenible de la riqueza y de los recursos del planeta. Llamamos a la desobediencia civil y a la acción directa noviolenta contra las maniobras Trident Juncture 2015 de la OTAN.

Diversos colectivos estamos preparando actos de protesta y de resistencia civil durante el desarrollo de las “supermaniobras” para los que pedimos tu apoyo y colaboración. También invitamos a la descentralización y autogestión de la protesta (organiza tu propia acción desobediente y coordínala con las demás). Desde el movimiento pacifista y antimilitarista de Andalucía existen iniciativas para organizar acciones de desobediencia civil en Barbate del 30 de octubre al 2 de noviembre (frente al Campo de Adiestramiento Anfibio de la Sierra del Retín) con el apoyo de Alternativa Antimilitarista.MOC y de la Red Antimilitarista Europea. Y en Zaragoza estamos organizando actos de protesta del 3 al 6 de noviembre (el Campo de San Gregorio será de nuevo el protagonista de la barbarie militarista). Es urgente demostrar nuestro rechazo a la guerra y a la nueva amenaza de la OTAN. La gente tenemos el poder y la responsabilidad de detener la avaricia y su violencia, de mejorar nuestro frágil y pequeño mundo.

Zaragoza, Planeta Tierra, a 1 de Septiembre de 2015.

Contacto de coordinación: mambrú[ARROBA]

Más información, que será regularmente actualizada, en la web “Insumissia” (, sección “Maniobras OTAN «Trident Juncture» 2015”. Enlace abreviado a la sección:

Coordinator for Andalusia:   Andalucia [AT]    and

See Also/ Mira també:   protests against NATO’s largest deployment since the Cold War
Twenty thousand NATO troops will be deployed in Spain between October 6 and November 21.

barbateDiagonal·Demonstration in Barbate (Cadiz) against the maneuvers of NATO and for the closure of the firing range.  google translation

On August 29, at sundown, about a thousand residents of Barbate (Cadiz) took to the streets to demand the closure of the range of the Navy in the Sierra Retin, located a few kilometers from this city hit by unemployment. Instead they ask the inhabitants decided by economic activities take place.From the Platform Reclaim Retin formed by political parties, civic associations and traders complain that the presence of the military in the area hurts the people of Barbate, that “do not receive any financial compensation” for damages, says his spokesman Francisco Roman.

Several groups are preparing protests and civil resistance during the development of “supermaniobras” we ask for your support and cooperation. We also invite decentralization and self-management of the protest (Organize your own disobedient action and coordínala with the other). From the pacifist and anti-militarist movement in Andalusia there are initiatives to organize civil disobedience actions in Barbate from 30 October to 3 November (against Amphibious Training Camp Sierra del Retin) supported Alternative and Antimilitarista.MOC European Network Antimilitarista. In Zaragoza we are organizing protests from 3 to 6 November (the Campo de San Gregorio will again be the protagonist of the militarist barbarism). It is urgent to show our rejection of war and the new threat of NATO. People have the power and responsibility to stop the greed and violence, improve our fragile little world.

Zaragoza, Planet Earth, to September 1, 2015.  Contact Coordination: Mambrú [AT]

The protesters also expressed their opposition to NATO military exercises held in this range and the nearby coast as part of the largest military exercise of NATO since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The operations, which will be held between October 6 and November 21, will  mobilize some 30,000 soldiers from 30 allied countries. Two thirds of these soldiers will be deployed in Spanish territory. Spain will contribute 8,000 soldiers, 13 ships and 43 aircraft and helicopters.

“We will show deterrence, which, as in preventive medicine is more effective,” the Defense Minister said about Pedro Morenés

“We will show deterrence, which, as in preventive medicine is more effective,” he said about the defense minister, Pedro Morenés, in a veiled reference to recent tensions with Russia. The exercises, dubbed Trident Juncture 2015, will have the 82nd Airborne Division of the US and will aim to refine the “interoperability” of different rapid reaction forces to deploy thousands of troops in just 72 hours anywhere in the world.
120 NATO commanders already in Zaragoza iminente preparing massive influx of soldiers from 30 countries. / Platform Anti-Otan Zaragoza

Another of the locations chosen for maneuvers Trident Juncture 2015 is Zaragoza. Since mid-September, the city will host 9,000. Of these, 1,300 will be deployed Air Base, from where they carry out exercises on the firing aerial shot of Bárdenas, on the border with Navarra. And another 7,000 soldiers will do theirs in the field of maneuvers of San Gregorio, the largest military camp in Spain and the second largest in Europe, located on the outskirts of Zaragoza.

“The most ambitious of the modern history of the NATO exercise” has also begun to raise opposition in Zaragoza, where the Anti-NATO platform, created in 2006 to fight NATO base was going to settle in Zaragoza, it has been reactivated and he has launched a campaign for citizens to know the reasons for opposing these exercises, before you can call “large demonstrations”.

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