Now 5 vegan anti drug activists seized for ”terrorism” in Madrid

anarquistas-detenidos-Madrid-Straight-Edge_EDIIMA20151105_0363_4(update: photo..the pathetic ”evidence of terrorism” for arrest of 6 ‘straight edge’ vegans. 2 are still incarcerated and 4 are out on 10000 euro bail.//)straight edge

The police broken into the house of 5 comrades from the Straight Edge Madrid collective this morning (04.11.15) and seized collective materials then arrested all 5 comrades.

The 5 comrades are being held at the Moratalaz police station  and have not been allowed to see a lawyer. Coming straight after the Pandora raids (with no evidence) the arrest of vegan anti drug activists on terrorist charges is one more cynical far right election ploy to put the word TERRORISTS all over the tame subsidised media. The first I knew of it, for example was a headline  saying ”anarchist terrorists seized for bombs in Madrid”.. but there have been no bombings!

The Madrid police have no qualms in destroying the lives of five young idealists with this evidence... a flag and some nais.
The Madrid police have no qualms in destroying the lives of five young idealists with this evidence… a flag and some nails.

In fact the Madrid police especially hate the Straight Edge vegans and last March severely beat up and arrested 2 of them ((see here

It is sickening how a government of neo fascist robbers (over 1000 politicions have been charged with just one in jail) who have evicted hundreds of thousands and given their homes to their banker friends can now look for votes by persecuting anarchist heroes and playing the terrorist card.



Affirmative Action Straight Edge Madrid

Five members of the group libertarian and antifascist Straight Edge Madrid were arrested on 4 November in the community of Madrid. The five people were arrested as part of Operation Ice, the second phase of the operation Pinata, Brigade of the National Police of information, capital and four in Madrid Las Matas. After the house searches, the detainees were taken to the police station Moralataz, which declared before being transferred to the High Court to declare before the judge Eloy Velasco.10470955_1563972883837792_8035754690633742043_n

The National Police in Madrid accused members of the community of Madrid Straight Edgeof the  “crime of belonging to a criminal organization with terrorist aims, supporting terrorism and making homemade bombs.” Additionally, police linked Madrid Straight Edge with the mythical  Coordinated Anarchist Groups (calledGAC), a space for discussion and propaganda.

The straight edge movement arose as a youth subculture in the late eighties in the US hardcore punk music scene. The term straight edge comes from the song of the same name of the band Minor Threat. The movement advocates a straight edge lifestyle free of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, as well as for veganism and animal liberation. The symbol of the movement is X, a metaphor of not using alcohol that comes from practice in the US during the eighties of marking an X on the hands of people under 21 with a black indelible marker Calls to avoid alcoholic drinks in bars.

Madrid police politely arresting a member of Straight Edge last March
Madrid police politely arresting a member of Straight Edge last March  (photo: Kaos)

Report from Kaos Newspaper  (google translation)

Kaosenlared newspaper has been informed that police have also entered the house of a member of the group that was not in Madrid and have kidnapped an anarchist flag, family computer and do not know if anything else. The person must now return to Madrid to appear before the Court.

Social movements held a demo for the arrested on Thursday 5 November at 8pm in the Boulevard of Moratalaz, Madrid.

The official police version, published on the official website of the Ministry of Interior, is the following: “Agents of the Information Brigade of the National Police in Madrid have arrested five people, members of the anarchist group Straight Edge, the they accuse of crimes of belonging to a criminal organization with terrorist aims, damages and advocacy of terrorism. In house searches we have found material for making explosives, various quantities of gunpowder and manuals for making homemade bombs. “Straight_Edge_X_reasonably_smalldjh2

However the accompanying video showed only some nails and an anarchist flag. Maybe they found a few fireworks and an ‘anarchist cookbook’.

Several organizations and social activists, expressed through networks, demanding the presumption of innocence and raising doubts about the accuracy of the statements of the police. In sum, disbelief, skepticism and condemnation of arrests and accusations that never quite convince large groups.

The most dangerous thing is that in case of proving the innocence of those arrested, no one takes away the damage sustained at all levels. That is, the psychic, the abuse allegations, interruption / loss of normal life (work, study, family life) … The presumption of innocence is fundamental in any democratic society. It seems that the facts raise doubts of all types, especially authoritarian practices and unclear that the security forces are handled and who is responsible for the communication of these actions.anarcoveganismo

In the video of the arrests and seized materials display, instead of the above elements appear to build explosives have emerged triumphant in the recording sweatshirts, posters, screws and computer as evidence to justify the raids and arrests this morning.

Clarifications are expected …

Straight Edge Madrid…Who We Are

We are a group of drug-free, anti speciesist, anti-fascist and libertarian-conscious well-defined class. With conviction and commitment we seek to change this lackluster reality. We know we are not alone in our hands but in order to achieve all this challenge. We will not submit any form of oppression, as did many men and women throughout this story, but the struggle is daily and not as a hobby but as the only way to change.

Against this system we face firmly without duck. We will not be part of the mechanisms of struggle that the system grants or we submit to its mechanism of repression. We are at war against the state and capital, but the war is not alone on the street, but against the system that we have internalized. We say enough! We stop swallowing rage and shout rebellion. Do not expect anyone to solve the problems for us, we take charge of our own lives.

For us the STRAIGHT EDGE converge in an ideological development that goes hand in hand with the positioning of revolutionary ideas as something more concrete and serious, as a policy of self-determination to be validated as a theoretical basis and not as an alternative within the cultural representation capitalism, but as a legitimation of anarchist ideas. This convergence exists in the speech libertarian ideas and practices, building an anarchic reference in the STRAIGHT EDGE.

More than nice words and emotional speeches. Daily action against power and capital in all its forms. For autonomy and total freedom.

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