Guerillas In Şengal City Center

12 Nov 15. Revolutionary Kurdish Guerilla groups have aready infiltrated Sinjar and are attacking the far right Islamic IS occupiers, while the Peshmerga conservative Kurdish army are still deploying.

The Rojava Report


A new operation to liberate Şengal (Sinjar) from ISIS control began this morning and is continuing with all a speed, reports an article Özgür Gündem compiled by ANHA.

The operation, which has been organized under the Ezidi Joint command, is being led by HGP and YJA Star guerillas and fighters with the YBŞ-YBJ Şengal, with peshmerga forces also taking part.

HGP, YPJ, and YBŞ-YBJ fighters have entered the city center and are currently in the Hayr Nasir, Berbi Roj and Sitî Zeynep neighborhoods where they are taking part in heavy clashes with ISIS forces. Although reliable information is difficult to come by there are reports that certain ISIS elements are pulling back from the city center. Forces attached to the Ezidi joint command now control the eastern part of the city and plan to advance from this flank.

Peshmerga Have Also Joined The Operation

Peshmerga forces attached to the KDP…

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