10 more arrests in Italy and Greece for May Day resistance


Via Insurrection News.

Police in Italy and Greece launched a repressive operation  against activists who participated in the #NoExpo May Day 2015 mobilizations in Milan.

10 comrades have been detained – 5 in Italy (all in Milan) and 5 in Greece on charges of ‘destruction and looting’, aggravated resisting of the police and misrepresentation.

5 other comrades who are still at large are under investigation for the same charges – 3 in Milan, one in Como and one in Greece.

The detained comrades all had DNA samples taken from them.

More news as it comes.

UPDATE: One woman activist who was arrested in Milan has been released pending further investigation.

(via Radio Onda D’urto)


 10 banks, 44 cars destroyed in Milan May 1 protest

    ”The violence occurred along Largo d’Ancona in central Milan, according to the preliminary investigation judge, with protesters also targeting the Palazzo delle Stelline in Corso Magenta. Those arrested face charges including devastation and arson. They are all on record for previous involvement in violent protests and illegal occupation of buildings. They are “part of a group that had organised the trip well in advance to participate in the demonstration and commit violent acts,” the judge wrote.”  http://www.ansa.it/english/news/

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