Turkey’s reign of terror on anarchist (Kurd) enclave (eye-witness report)


Damaged buildings. Photos taken by a friend

While the British RAF bomb ISIS oilfields and the Kurd-led SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) commence a new offensive against ISIS just outside of Raqqa, the Turkish Government is busy extending its reign of terror against Kurds in Turkey. Below we report on one of many such terror campaigns – this time against the Kurd enclave of Silvan, whose populace, inspired by the ideas of democratic confederalism, declared autonomy in solidarity with their Kurdish comrades of Rojava (Kurdistan province in Syria). Cizre, Silopi, Varto, Erciş, Siirt and Nusaybin also declared autonomy. As we publish this report, residents of Nusaybin and Gever (Yüksekova) are being murdered daily. In the Sur district of Amed (Diyarbakır), young people are currently armed behind the barricades, protecting their streets from the police.

Note: the following article was first published in Kurdish Solidarity Network. Thanks, too, to @InsurrectionNews

Autonomy means that we will live in our…

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