watch video: IMMIGRANT- by Alysha Brilla


Semi-finalist of the 2015 International Songwriting Contest in the Lyrics Category.       Shot in Tanzania and Canada.

Thank you to The Zanzibar Superheroes Crew. Like them on facebook:…

Song written by Alysha Brilla
Video Directed by Josh Haggarty
Edited by Fred Yurichuck

Lyrics/Subtitles available in Chinese (Mandarin), English, Swahili, Hindi, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Turkish, Shona & Urdu in CC.




Music and Lyrics by Alysha Brilla

Right beside the ocean with a warm breeze
A little boy was born beneath the palm trees
The air was thick the sun was shining daily
Mom was in the Kitchen cooking mehlee

But I don’t wanna talk about that anymore
That was back then, that was before
Now I am a new man with a big plan living in a new land…

I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am

On an island in the Indian Ocean
A better life possessed all my devotion
When every night I’d hear the bullets ringing
I’d close my eyes and pray for a new beginning

So when the papers arrived at my door
I thanked god, ‘cuz I was so sure
that I was a new man with a big plan moving to a new land

I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am

They say my food is funny, my name is funny, I look funny
They say my clothes are funny, I speak, I laugh funny
They say I pray funny, I dream funny, I sing funny
My god is funny, but where I’m from it’s not so funny…

I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am
I am an immigrant, I am

They don’t know me by my name, but I guess to them it’s all the same.

Chinese (Mandarin) translation by Leanne Chen
French translation by Julie Gossart
Hindi translation by Nikhil Kulshrestha
Italian translation by Rose Gallo
Japanese translation by
Portuguese (Brazil) translation by Daniel Rumana
Russian translation by Natalia Trubochkina
Shona translation by Tichaona Ekhaya
Spanish (Latin American) translation by Isabel Cisterna
Swahili translation by Yasin Dewji
Turkish translation by Yiğit Sönmez
Urdu translation by Usman Ataullah

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