Kurdish women fighters (YPJ) speak about their fight against jihadists



Today it was reported that Rojavan Kurds (of northern Syria) are heading north to cross the Turkish border to offer help to their beleagured cousins in North Kurdistan, which has been under constant attack by the Turkish military for some weeks. Unfortunately, this means that the frontline forces fighting ISIS in Syria will be temporarily weakened as a consequence of Turkey’s warmongering (though perhaps that’s the intention of Turkey, a NATO member, in order that its precious oil supplies from ISIS are not further disrupted). In the meantime we report from the frontline: interviews with YPJ combatants in Arif (Rojava).

Combatants from the 2nd Mobile Unit of the Women’s Defence Units (YPJ) who are undertaking some of the most significant defence acts in their area of operation by demonstrating their intent to protect the civilian population of the village Bene, Sherawa District, Afrin Canton, Rojava, Syria, were asked for their…

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