Assembly Party ‘CUP’pulls plug on Catalan Parliament.. and maybe PP in Madrid

assembly of CUPThe CUP is a radical new assembly based far-left party in Catalunya which grew from the 15m Take The Streets movement and retains anarchist principles, except for being in favour of making a political party.

In the recent Catalan elections CUP got 10 seats and the balance of power to give an absolute majority to the coalition for Catalan Independence.

But CUP refused to cooperate if the leader was Artur Más, ex rightwing president who presided over cuts, repression and corruption.

 CUP assembly

CUP assembly

Under extreme pressure to save the Independence Process a general assembly was called last week and incredibly the 3rd vote TIED.. with 1515 votes in favour and 1515 votes against.

This week the assembly repeated, with even more pressure and a last chance to avoid new elections.. all expected someone would be bought off.. but the voting came out AGAINST approving Artur Más!!

Unless the Catalan Independence Coalition (Junts pel Si) finds a new leader in the next few days there will be new elections in March. This could change the future of all Spain, as it removes the excuse being promoted for a ‘Grand Coalition’ of left and right parties to oppose the threat of treasonable Catalan Independence, making a coalition of Podemos, Socialists and small parties more likely.

Together we can-- Podem en Comú
Ada Colau.. Together we can– Podem en Comú

One reason the CUP swung against giving in was the news that Ada Colau, the popular feminist anti eviction activist who swept into power in municipal elections with the new ‘Barcelona in Common’ party and is now mayor of Barcelona, said she might stand in the March elections… and could become president of Catalunya! Ada Colau and party are now allied with Podemos (Podem en Comú) and had a huge success again in the National elections.

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