Save l’Estella.. support your Occupied Social Center

UPDATE: Today January 27, 30-40 comrades  waited  but the cops and officials never showed up!! This means at least a few months more life but we’re vigilant against an illegal attack….A hug to all the comrades for theirsolidarity defending our squatted space!

The CSO is under threat of eviction, but resistance continues. The new date after a sham trial (without presence of defending CSO) is on January 27

La Estella Resiste

cartell-aniversasriHi everyone !

The date of the eviction of The  Estella creeps ever closer. We continue to resist in our our kounter-kultural way.. to not implement their forced robbery (“execution of the judgment”) legitimized by a sham secret trial the Girona Court No. 2 behind the backs of the CSO (Occuipied Social Center)
The property promoter is called  ARRELS Ct S.A. (100% owned by the BBVA banking group) of Terrassa. These gentlemen have an urgent need to build another Consumer Palace on the site of our beloved  Estella (extended by two neighborhood properties) to stuff their pockets a little more (if possible).
We just respond based on our capabilities and forces, there will be estella-conciertoKonciertos on  Saturday 23rd and Wednesday 27th January,.. and a call our for a Breakfast-Picket at 9:00 am in front of the CSO to show our rejection of their criminal intentions.

We have the supportive presence of all the Anarchist comrades in the (rural) area and from elsewhere to see that they do not steal away our space!

We appreciate your effort, comrades!

The Estella RESISTS!         NO TO THE CSO Eviction!
NO Pasarán!

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12548848_944421055645696_8993830060627645918_noriginal en castellano

Hola a tod@s!
La fecha del desalojo de la Estella se acerca cada vez más. Seguimos resistiendo de nuestra manera kontra-kultural para que no ponen en practica su robo forzado (“ejecución de la sentencia”) legitimado por un jucio farsa del juzgado nº 2 de Girona detrás de la espalda del CSO.

El promotor se deja llamar ARRELS Ct S.A. (100% BBVA group) de Terrassa. Estos señores tienen la necesidad urgente de construir otro palacio de consumo en la finca de la Estella (ampliado por 2 fincas vecinales) para llenarse los bolsillos un poco más(si cabe).

Nosotrxs respondemos a base de nuestras posibilidades y fuerzas, el Sabado 23 habra koncierto y el Miercoles 27 Enero llamamos a un
desayuno-concentración a las 9.00h delante del CSO para demostrar nuestro rechazo a sus intenciones criminales.

Contamos con la presencia solidaria de todxs lxs compas de la zona y de otros lugares para que vean que no les regalamos nuestro espacio!
Agradecemos vuestro esfuerzo,compas!



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