Turkey Massacre, Pogrom, Curfew, Genocide in Cizre with Nato support..now 55 days

Genocide in Cizre
Genocide in Cizre

Unknown chemicals used in Cizre sewers

ŞIRNEX – As Turkish state forces maintain a siege on the town of Cizre, state forces have introduced an unknown chemical agent into the sewers. Meanwhile, there has been no contact with a building where nine residents burned to death since yesterday evening.

For 55 days, Turkish state forces have maintained a total siege on the town of Cizre.

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the town. In the past, Turkish state forces shut down sewage and water lines in the town with the excuse that “the PKK is using them.”

Now, state forces have introduced an unknown chemical agent into sewage lines. The chemical agent, which has a smell similar to tear gas, has entered residents’ homes through water drains in kitchens and baths. Meanwhile, state forces have shut down the last remaining markets, bakeries and pharmacies in the town “until further notice.”
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For seven days, there has been no contact with the “basement of atrocity” in the town’s Cudi neighborhood,

where 15 wounded (civilians among them) and seven dead bodies have been trapped by a state siege. For 15 days, all efforts to get an ambulance to the besieged basement have been fruitless.

Most recently, on February 4, municipal ambulances got as far as the street on which the basement is located. However, state forces began artillery fire on the neighborhood as soon as the ambulance arrived, then gave healthcare workers the excuse that “there are clashes.”cizre-olaylar

Two days ago, it emerged that 37 wounded were trapped in yet another basement elsewhere in the Cudi neighborhood.

As state forces fired artillery at the building, a fire broke out. Firefighters were blocked by state forces who once again used the excuse of “clashes.” As the fire spread into the basement, nine died and many were severely burned, children among them. A 16-year-old boy who emerged from the building yesterday to survey the area was shot dead by state forces, raising the death toll to 10 in two days.

The governor of Şırnak province, in which Cizre is located, made a statement regarding the deaths of the nine wounded in the basement. The statement claimed that, “nine terrorists were disabled in a clash that broke out when terrorist organization members attacked.” The statement claimed that the “fleeing terrorists” lit the building on fire and prevented ambulances from entering the area.images (2)

There has been no contact with the building where the fire took place since yesterday evening.

Peace Mothers pause hunger strike


ANKARA – A group of Peace Mother activists has temporarily called off their hunger strike at the UN building in Turkey’s capital of Ankara. The women have given the UN until Monday to take immediate action for the wounded residents of the besieged town of Cizre. […]Women start hunger strike at Turkey UN buildingANKARA – At the UN building in Turkey’s capital of Ankara, a group of women from the Peace Mothers group has started a hunger strike against the massacres in Kurdistan.For the last three days, Peace Mothers from the cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have converged on Turkey’s capital of Ankara. They have been attempting to ensure that the wounded citizens trapped in a basement in the besieged town of Cizre be evacuated. […]

Boy shot, killed after Cizre building burns down


ŞIRNEX – Nine people burned to death in a basement in Cizre..

where dozens of the wounded are trapped. 16-year-old Abdullah Gün, among those trapped in the basement, went outside to look around when Turkish state forces shot and killed in.


In the town of Cizre, under siege by Turkish state forces, a building in the Cudi neighborhood caught fire in an artillery bombardment, as 37 wounded were trapped in the building’sbasement. Nine people died in the fire. […]

ŞIRNEX – As Turkish state forces maintain martial law attacks on the town of Cizre, a pregnant woman named Zerin Uca had a heart attack. Because state forces blocked ambulance access, Zerin has passed away.
9-year-old murdered by Turkish soldiers at Rojava border
Turkish soldiers have shot dead a 9-year-old girl from Efrîn city of West Kurdistan, Rojava, last night.The girl’s dead body was found in the border village of Bikê of Efrîn at 22:00 last night.Cizre-clashes-civilians-death-toll-678x381
17 wounded people murdered in Cizre so far,
no news from the othersIt is the seventh day without any news from the basement where dozens remain trapped for 15 days. The other basement, where 9 out of 35 people burned to death yesterday, hasn’t been reached either since last night.
Turkish soldiers kill Rojava girl at borderJINHA


ŞIRNEX – 37 residents were trapped in a building in the Cizre town of Şırnak.
Nine of them were burned to death. The building has been besieged by armored vehicles and state forces announced “surrender” to the residents in the building.

International delegation led by Judge Moosa asks to visit Öcalan in İmralıPKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) leader Abdullah Öcalan who was brought to Turkey as a result of an international conspiracy on 15 February 1999 remains in isolation in İmralı Island Prison since.

Turkish govt state terrorism on on Kurds in town of Cizre
Turkish govt state terrorism on on Kurds in town of Cizre
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