Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

zika is harmlessIt seems the number of cases of microcephaly in Brazil has increased, but only to 404 cases compared to the 25,000 cases in the US where there is no Zika virus.see here,in portuguese. 

The increase in Brazil  could be for many other health reasons, even due to under-reporting of cases. There is hardly any evidence of microcephaly victims who also have zika.

 In Sao Paulo State, for example a big increase in microcephaly has been reported (compared to those reported in the past, 126 instead of 40), but nearly all in areas where Zika has not even been detected, never mind proved to have any relation.see here, in portuguese.

Also because Zika is a mild and difficult to detect virus it may well have existed in Brazil for decades and was only noticed in 2014.


Jon Rappoport's Blog

Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

by Jon Rappoport

February 4, 2016

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I can now provide the latest update on what researchers in Brazil are discovering, as they dig into their original findings about the Zika virus and cases of microcephaly (babies born with small heads and brain impairment).

A correspondent has offered a translation of an article that appeared in one of the major Sao Paulo newspapers, O Estado de São Paulo, on February 2nd, “País tem 404 casos confirmados de microcefalia”:

It is obvious that no significant connection between microcephaly and the Zika virus has been found. It’s not even close. So far, therefore, there is absolutely no reason to trumpet an epidemic of Zika. Doing so is quite insane, by any reasonable standard.

Here are the principal facts in the article (after…

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