Turkish State’s nazi style crimes “Should spark a Worldwide Outcry,”

This week in Europe – innocent children burned alive and blown to bits by our ‘friends and allies’ the Turkish State- NOTHING ABOUT IT IN MY NEWSPAPER. Over 100 civilians massacred after 3 weeks trapped in cellars- NOTHING ABOUT IT ON THE NEWS.impunity

How is this possible? Is it because the US made an agrrement to let Turkey do what they like with the Kurdish people at home, etc? Is it because the EU were blackmailed to shut up as part of the deal to restrict refugees? Or because of the Turkish news blackout and jailings of curious journalists?

Whatever the reasons there’s no excuse for the media to shut up as Erdogan imposes the Nazi Solution in his megalomaniac quest for absolute `power.

Here to redress the balance a tiny bit, we re-publish summaries and links to many shocking posts appearing only in the Kurdish media.

Anna-Sara Malmgren questions silence on Turkey’s state terror

NEWS CENTER – Turkey’s human rights abuses in Kurdistan “should be enough to spark a worldwide outcry,” said Stanford University philosophy professor Anna Malmgren, among the authors of a recent petition calling on Barack Obama to take a public stand on the issue. “We want president Obama to speak out, loud and clear, against the atrocities that are being committed by the Turkish government in the southeast,” said Anna-Sara. She noted that media silence on what she described as “state terrorism” against Kurds prompted the petition.

“We were—and still are—frustrated at the general passivity and media silence here in the U.S. (and also in Europe) with respect to the Turkish governments’ actions,” said Anna-Sara…….”

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Janet Biehl: We need Öcalan’s voice desperately now – 

NEWS CENTER- Janet Biehl is a political writer with a focus on libertarian municipalism and social ecology in USA. Janet is part of the February 14-16 Imrali delegation. She spoke to JINHA about the isolation of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, current situation in North Kurdistan and the Geneva peace process.   * On February 15, 1999, multiple state intelligence services cooperated to capture and jail Abdullah Öcalan. Since then, there has been a policy of isolation and communications blackout against Öcalan. […]

‘Humanity was killed in Cizre, not people’

DİLOK- Antep women reacted to killing of people in ‘basements of savagery’. ” Our conscience and humanity were executed in Cizre, the people executed in Cizre’s basements, will live forever,” said Antep women.  … In Cizre, Şırnak province, 139 wounded people took refuge in three basements. 110 dead bodies have been removed from basements in the town of Cizre that came under attack by Turkish state forces. The basements are called ‘basements of savagery’. Antep (a city in Turkey) women reacted to the massacres in Cizre. Atiye Okay, co-chair of the HDP Antep, said, Sıdıka Yaman, co-chair of the HDP Şehitkamil, said, “…They are doing what Hitler did. First, the people were sentenced to death, then they killed these people. On the top of it, They scattered gasoline in areas of the building and lit it on fire. This is a situation that does not fit the law of war and the humanity. The state shells its own citizens. The wounded people stayed in the basements without food and water for more than two months….”

In the basement of the building in Bostanci st 26 people have been killed.

ŞIRNAK (DİHA) In the basement of the building in Bostanci st., in Cizre, it came out that 15 injured (who had been waiting for help for 19 days) from the 26 found dead, were executed. Together with the 13 corpses found in other buildings of the neighborhood, the number of dead bodies brought to hospital is in total 39.

Families are giving DNA samples for identifying the corpses.

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) For the identification of people killed in Cizre, a “crisis desk” has been created in Diyarbakır, and already 60 families have applied. 28 of the 60 families have given DNA samples at Mardin public hospital.   For identifying the people killed in the “savagery basements” and the corpses that cannot be recognized, different Kurdish parties and organizations (DBP, MEDYA-DER, MEzopotamya Hukukçular Derneği) have started in Diyarbakır a “crisis desk” where families can apply. For identifying bodies, sent to Mardin, Urfa, Şırnak and Habur border gate in Silopi, until now 60 families applied to the “crisis desk”. […]

The latest report of Cizre massacre.

ŞİRNAK (DİHA) – Inside the city of Cizre, among the 138 people trapped in 3 buildings, 39 of the injured have died. After the organized attack of the state forces, 70 corpses have been taken out by ambulances of Cizre municipality.
State forces in Cizre burning buildings where they committed massacre.

  Details still remain unclear regarding the massacres Turkish state forces committed in several neighborhoods of Şırnak’s Cizre district.

26 people in the first Cizre basement were all massacred  
 While details of the savage massacre committed by Turkish forces in Şırnak’s Cizre district are not clear yet due to the ongoing blackout, it came out that 26 people trapped in the first basement of atrocity had all been massacred.
39 corpses retrieved from Cizre’s ‘basements of savagery’  
ŞIRNEX – 26 corpses were retrieved from a basement located on Bostancı Street in the Cudi neighborhood was the first to come under attack. The wounded residents waited to be evacuated from the basement for 19 days. According the reports, all corpses were burned.
Women heading to evacuate the wounded arrested

ŞIRNEX – Cizre women headed through the neighborhood under white flags in an attempt to reach the wounded in third ‘basement of savagery’. Turkish state forces stopped and arrested them.

2 journalists arrested in Nusaybin JINHA
MÊRDİN – French Photojournalist Gael Cloarec and Siyasihaber.org reporter Duygu Yıldız were arrested and forced into an armored vehicle while covering the news in Nusaybin.
French Photojournalist Gael Cloarec and Siyasihaber
Women: We are not ashamed of our nakedness,
AMED/WAN – Women reacted to a woman was killed and her naked body was put on display in Cizre like in Varto district of Muş. Women said, “You cannot reduce us to silence by putting on display the naked bodies. The naked body of our friend is our nakedness.
Crisis Desk: Some 100 people massacred brutally in Cizre  
 Crisis Desk formed by Mardin Metropolitan Municipality, DBP, MEYADER and Mesopotamia Lawyers’ Assocition for assistance to families of basement victims has released a statement regarding the identification of dozens massacred by state forces in Şırnak’s Cizre town.
Two journalists, including one foreign, detained in Nusaybin
 French photojournalist Gael Cloarec and Siyasihaber.org reporter Duygu Yıldız were taken into custody by police in Nusaybin district of Mardin Friday noon.
Cizre families detained by police on their way to the basements
DIHA reporter detained in CizreAs the Turkish state’s war against the Kurdish people continues, members of Kurdish press are also targeted by state forces in an effort to hinder the exposure of truths of the ongoing coflict in the Kurdish region.
30 more corpses brought from Cizre to Urfa for autopsy
 Bodies of 30 more victims of Cizre basement massacre have been brought to Urfa province last night.
Children build barricades in Nusaybin  JINHA

MÊRDİN – Nusaybin is one of the town in Kurdistan where the self-goverment declared. Children build barricades to not be killed in the town. Children in Nusaybin grow up with the stories of their sisters and brothers.

”Dicle News Agency (DIHA) reporter Nazım Daştan who was detained in the province of Antep the day before, has been remanded in custody.Daştan was taken into custody while on his way home in Şehitkamil district of Antep province Wednesday evening.
“We have called for peace for years; we even named our children after peace. But they have carried out genocide against us,” said members of the Peace Mothers Assembly in the city of Adana.
JINHA AMED – It was October 15 when I was last in the Sur district of Diyarbakır. It was just before the November 1 election and just after the “curfews” and deaths. Four years later, I was back in Sur, this time as part of the News Vigil.
Families of basement victims still prevented from entering Cizre. 
Families of wounded people trapped in the basements of savagery in Cizre were prevented from entering the town once again.
 31 more corpses have been recovered from the area of the basements in Cizre’s Cudi neighborhood where dozens of trapped people were massacred while awaiting evacuation 3 days ago.
HDP invites EU institutions to protect values and universal principles


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