Turkey attacks Kurds: SMS appeals as Families die in Besieged Basements

Latest SMS from Sur basement: We cannot breathe, we will suffocate here
 Mazlum Dolan, reporter of Dicle News Agency (DİHA) has been trapped in a basement of the Sur district of Diyarbakır with families.
Mazlum Dolan, reporter of Dicle News Agency (DİHA) has been trapped in a basement of the Sur district of Diyarbakır with families.

AMED- The attacks have continued in the area around basements where 200 people have been trapped.

YPG (Syrian Kurds) innocent of Ankara bombing

After massacring and burning alive over 150 people trapped in basements in Cizre the Turkish State forces are attacking all out in Diyarbakir, especially in the Sur area.

The Turkish army is seeking revenge for the car bomb in Ankara which killed at least 26 soldiers and have unleashed even more terror on the population.

Although the Turkish government blamed the Ankara bomb on the YPG in Syria as an obvious excuse for an invasion of Syria, the attack has now been claimed by TAK, a guerilla group in Turkey, as revenge for the horrific Cizre atrocities.  see here: TAK claims responsibility for the action in Ankara


earlier report from Diyarbakir  JINHA680x350cc-dyb-sur-foto-omer5
Woman wounded looking for water outside besieged Sur basement – See more 

AMED – As explosions rock Diyarbakır’s besieged Sur district, an unidentified woman was wounded by Turkish state forces’ mortar fire yesterday evening. The woman had emerged from a besieged basement in the Sur district to look for water.

Today marks the 80th day of Turkish state forces’ nonstop siege and attack on the historic Sur district of Diyarbakır.

Tank and artillery fire continued nonstop throughout the day yesterday. During the evening, five large explosions rocked the district. Smoke rose over the district throughout the day, with no break in the sound of gunfire. Helicopters continued to circle the city in general.
Mazlum Dolan, a reporter from Dicle News Agency (DİHA), remains trapped in one of the basements in Sur where residents have taken refuge from the attacks. Mazlum reported yesterday that a still-unidentified woman who emerged from the besieged basement to look for water was wounded by shrapnel from Turkish state forces’ mortar fire. Mazlum reported that the woman’s condition was serious.

It emerged yesterday evening that a group of 30 people, among them women and children, was trapped in Yeni Kapı Street in the district. As the group attempted to flee the neighborhood, state forces opened fire and left one of them wounded. Families trapped near the Surp Giragos Church traveled to a nearby police station to notify state forces of their presence. However, no precautions were taken for their protection and state forces intensified their assault in the area.

This morning, attacks intensified starting at 5 a.m. With smoke rising above the besieged district once again, the condition of those trapped in the district grows increasingly worrying.
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The lost children of the Cizre massacre

2016-02-20 12:33:14

JINHA     ŞIRNEX – In the town of Cizre, where hundreds of people were burned alive by state forces, the families of 15-year-old Cengiz Gerem and 18-year-old Kasım Yana still do not know the fate of their children. “From the past to the present, the state has left us to long for our living and our dead,” say the families as they try to learn the fates of the teenagers.

Over the course of 68 days of genocidal attacks by Turkish state forces, hundreds were killed and burned to death in the town of Cizre. Families have traveled to morgues set up in towns across the region in an attempt to find and identify the bodies of their children.

Many families have no idea of the fate of their children who were in Cizre during the attacks. The families of Cengiz Gerem (15) and Kasım Yana (18) have not been able to find their sons. The families, left displaced when their homes in Cizre were destroyed, have received no response from any of the institutions they have applied to.

Cengiz’ family traveled to the city of Mardin, Kasım’s to the temporary forensic medical institute set up at the Habur Border Gate in order to give blood samples in the hopes of finding their children.

Cengiz Gerem was living with his family in the Cudi neighborhood when the attacks began. As the attacks entered their 19th day, the family had to leave, but Cengiz stayed behind, saying, “I won’t leave my home and my land.” His mother Safiye Gerem last heard from him over a month ago.

“We don’t know if he’s alive or not. We don’t know what they did to my child,” said Safiye.

When Cengiz last called, he said he was fine and had just called to hear his family’s voices.

“We left; he stayed behind to look after the house,” said Safiye. “Now we don’t know his fate. We can’t reach the living or the dead.”

As for Kasım Yana, his family last heard from him when he called from a basement where later, dozens of immolated dead bodies would be pulled from the rubble. Kasım’s sister Abide Yana last spoke with him on January 27. Kasım was calling from the Cudi neighborhood. One of his friends had been wounded, then detained in the hospital and locked up there. Another of their wounded friends was missing.

“When he called us, he said he was with his friends and there was an attempt at a massacre against them. They had been trapped in a basement,” said Abide. That was the last they heard from Kasım.

Abide said that whether he was dead or alive, the family just wanted to find her brother.

“From the past to the present, the state has left us to long for our living and our dead,” said Abide.


– See more at: http://www.bestanews.com/15943/the-lost-children-of-the-cizre-massacre&dil=en#sthash.qB5N0Wlb.dpuf

138 victims of Cizre massacre still unidentified

Out of 165 corpses retrieved from the scenes of Cizre massacre, only 27 could be identified and buried so far.

Identification efforts still continue for victims of the Cizre massacre committed by state forces in several basements two weeks ago. Corpses of the victims were sent to hospitals in Cizre, Silopi, Şırnak, Mardin, Urfa and Antep where identification procedures continue very slowly and irregularly since.

While a total of 165 corpses have been retrieved from the scenes of massacre and taken to hospitals so far, only 25 of these were identified and buried by their families. Two unidentified victims were laid to Şırnak the day before.

On the other hand, there are 62 corpses yet to be identified at Khabur/Silopi, 19 in Urfa, 10 in Şırnak, 20 in Antep, 12 in Mardin, 15 in Cizre. Results are being awaited of DNA tests performed due to the impossibility of identification on corpses that are mainly burnt and without physical integrity.

96 families have applied so far for the corpses held in hospitals. Families in Cizre, however, cannot take any step for identification due the ongoing state of siege.

In the meantime, it is reported that families of some victims haven’t made any application yet because they do not know about their children’s death. The Crisis Desk formed in Mardin province has called upon families who suspect that their children may have died in Cizre to apply to them for identification.

HDP Şırnak parliamentarian Faysal Sarıyıldız also called attention to the situation on his Twitter account, remarking that the number of families who have given DNA sample so far is very much below the number of victims. He called upon families of probable victims to go to Mardin and give DNA sample.

– See more at: http://www.bestanews.com/15938/138-victims-of-cizre-massacre-still-unidentified&dil=en#sthash.kMjxgxZg.dpuf

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