Dublin: Squat City

[Dublin] Squat City has been liberated!

Spread the word friends. The warehouse will soon be full of words; the garden has begun regrowing community; music and paint about to burst across the city.

At the lower end of Grangegorman and where the block continues along North Brunswick Street, acres of warehouses and yards and houses and space space spaces have been laying vacant far too long, once again. From developers to NAMA to developers to judge’s friendsand back to developers for more and more money while people and places rot.occupy Ireland

We who need a home have housed ourselves. We who need good work have found it. No pay — no problem. We invite you to join us for fun and struggle. Stay tuned for updates and events — we intend many things — and a brilliant surprise event is in the making to warm up your cold winter hearts for what’s to come.

This new occupation is a direct protest against Judge ‘Justice’ Gilligan, who claimed to legitimise the eviction of the previous residents and all that they built over days and years, days after jailing folk for daring to protest the water charges, all the while living in paid-for privilege and purported power.

And so, of course, thank you to the Resist Grangegorman’s Eviction Facebook page’s admins for giving us the page and for all the inspiration and DIY fixes that survived the attempted purge. Invaluable.

Stop the rot;
Squat the lot!

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Squatting on the rise in Ireland

Hi, I am an Irish squatter, updating on how things are going in Ireland;

The squatting scene here is really taking off, its legally a civil matter until injunctions or ejectmentorders are issued. So legally its very similar to the UK before the law changed. There is a massive homeless crisis at the moment and a huge amount of empty buildings. Over 300,000 nationally, around 76 for every 1 homeless person. A lot of housing activist organizations that are endorsing squatting and there is some public support.

There exists huge “ghosts estates” of empty houses in Ireland ready to be turned into squat villages


Over the last three or four years, a squatting community in Dublin has grown and established itself to a point where it now has several long-term squats. There has been about 4 squat projects, a good network of support, and a wealth of knowledge and experience of the practical aspects of squatting. It put on the 2014 Dublin International Squatters Convergence, a four-day event which an estimated 100+ squatters from abroad attended.

For a time an autonomous social center called Seomra spraoi held practical squatter nights once a month. https://seomraspraoi.org/2014/11/practical-squatting-nights-in-seomra-spraoi/
After 10 years the seomra spraoi projected ended, mainly due to burn out of collective members having to raise donations for high rent every month.

The barricade Inn
A new collective emerged and squatted a hotel in an extremely central spot in Dublin city. Its called “The Barricade Inn” its an anarchist social center and infoshop. It has been squatted now for about 7 months, it is currently facing an injunction though. The barricade Inn hosts ” Practical squatter nights” weekly
Inside there is :
An Infoshop/ library
A vegan cafe
A gig space
A computer lab
Meeting rooms
A free shop
A bike workshop
A screen printing / art room
There is two social center floors and two residents floors

Bolt Hostel
From this collective a project to squat a abandoned homeless hostel owned by the city grew. The squatted hostel was opened to offer accommodation to the homeless. This project was run by a collective formed of anarchists, squatters, socialists, ad a bunch of housing activist organizations.
This project was also evicted.

continues with many great photos HERE: https://squattheplanet.com/threads/squatting-on-the-rise-in-ireland.25737/

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