Turkey’s ‘refugees games’ threaten Greek sovereignty; NATO manoeuvres revealed


f-eutension-b-20160225-200x200 Just some of the hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees

NATO warships led by Germany are picking up refugees trying to cross to Greece and perceived to be in danger, only to then return them to Turkey. But Turkey, although party to this arrangement, is now refusing to co-operate, despite receiving 3 billion euros from the EU to ‘manage’ the refugee crisis and a promise that by the end of the year all Turks will be ‘visa free’ to roam Europe. The real reason that Turkey is creating this refugee ‘blockage’ is about Greek sovereignty. Turkey not only wants to extort more funds from the Euro coffers to set up more refugee ‘removal centres’, but is happy to use the refugees as a bargaining tool to try and force territorial concessions – specifically the Greek islands of Agathonisi and Farmakonisi. Meanwhile NATO is trying to defuse tensions, though recent manoeuvres…

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