How to Find and Download FREE the Books you Need

free downlaods

part 1. How to use Google Play reader to ‘buy free books’ and upload from other places.

part 2. How to find what you need among millions of free books and download to your library.

part 3. How to convert pdf and word files to your own ebooks.

part 1.How to use Google Play reader to ‘buy free books’ and upload from other places.

hello again. Looking at Goodreads I find great books but there’s a catch.. I can’t read them …  like most people I don’t and can’t buy books, (unless it’s really cheap and I really need it).

Reading for Free.- you can read or download 'The Free' on Google Play Books. ...,Just type in 'The Free by M Gilliland'

So I’m checking out how to read all this stuff for free, and straight off I find that the Google Play reader lets you upload files (epub format is best) to your personal ‘library’ and read them synced on your smartphone, PC, tablet etc as well if you have them.

So the book I wanted to read was ‘Makers’ by Cory Doctorow  . First I check out Google Play Books..costs 13 euros!Then I try Project Gutenberg as I’ve heard they stock millions of free books (here: And bingo, they have 14 books by Cory. I download ‘Makers’ in a few seconds, in epub, its only 450kB.

Now on Google Play (supposing you’ve clicked the free app on a PC,  using Chrome>apps>Play Books>my books) I look for the upload button, choose my file and I’m reading it seconds later.

The Google Play books reader seems OK. I can click back and forward round the book, keep bookmarks,  even make it white on a black background on the phone..

I’ll have to keep my books on the laptop as I don’t have space or internet always on the cellphone. Will this work?  Wait and see if it’s really true that ‘your library automatically syncs across all your devices’.

finding Free Books on Google Play..Use a laptop and Chrome and get the  Books app, its free. Go to the Store. Use Search.. eg. I typed in ‘anarchist’, .. all the books that come up are to buy, but a new button says ‘all prices’, click the arrow and choose Free to get huge lists of free books. google play free books
You can just read online but to download  to read without internet you have to ”buy” a free book! (You have to give them a credit card or paypal number the first time.. which I HATE to do. )

part 2. How to find millions of free books and upload to your library.

Really ‘free’ and respectful Book Download Sites ?

There are MANY places on the internet you might find and download what you’re looking for, they just need to be ‘DRM-Free’.That said, almost all entries on Google nowadays that say FREE are just a trick to try and get your custom..or worse scams.

The Internet Archive,

is a non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.With a Search engine covering billions of pages and a link with Bit Torrent for large files. The Internet Archive is a great place to find what you want. Internet Archive Now Hosts 4.4 Million eBooks, Sees 15 Million eBooks Downloaded Each Month. Special tech sections, etc.  click here Internet Archive,

Project Gutenberg

I’ve heard they stock millions of free books and have downloaded a few. (here:


Scribd isn’t totally free anymore, you read free for the 1st 2 weeks and can only download if you upload something I think. But thousands if not millions of people have uploaded texts to Scribd .. for example Textbooks from schools, universities and researchers can often be found almost free on Scribd. Worth checking their Search engine here.

Finding Free Books and adding your free files on Google Play

explained already in detail further up this post!

The Open Library

Has a page each for millions of ebooks and a good online reader linking to the Internet Archive and other online libraries. So if you find what you may want you can check it out immediately.

The Anarchist Library

has over 3000 revolutionary texts, all downloadable as free ebooks


Kobo is just another big shop I think. They have a lot of free ebooks but I was unable to search that category and it seems they are just bait to make you join up. Free eBooks Kobo

60+ Free PDF Books & EBook Download Sites 

Here you have loads of links to ”free Ebooks” but the author doesn’t mention anything about the typical commercial traps and scams. So check them out with caution!

part 3. How to convert pdf and word files to your own ebooks.

Just my experience. NOT as easy as it looks.

If you created your original on Word and knew how to follow a pre design template and kept to the same layout,  font and colours it shouldn’t be a problem.

If like me you learnt it as you went along you can finally get a perfect looking file which under the surface is a big chaos and won’t convert nicely to an ebook format.images

I used Calibre freeware to convert. It can’t do much with  PDFs because a PDF file is basically a photo and doesnt easily convert to flowing text adaptable to page and font sizes etc. So if you have a final PDF change it back to Word, but if possible using Adobe Acrobat best version and learning about the settings to make a copy with the highest resolution of photos,etc, and Print Quality possible.

That’s all, upload to Calibre, convert to Epub and upload to your android phone, reader, Google Play, etc.

You can also convert your Word file to the  Mobi format for the Kindle reader, but it’s a bastard.(they want you to pay). I had to cut out illustrations  and change the layout, etc., and ended up with a lousy file, may be better by now.


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