Erdogan prosecuting 1,845 for ‘insulting’ him. What a Bastard!

Untitled (5)‘About 1,850 cases have been opened in Turkey against those who stand accused of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the past two years, amid concerns over Ankara’s attempt to hush dissidents.  by 

‘Insults are unnecessary, the facts cry out. Erdogan is trying to change the constitution to legalise his dictator status. He is making open war, pogroms, massacres and attempted genocide on the Kurdish minority and supporters for practising autonomy in their own cities. He is arming and protecting ISIS, the ‘evil medievals’ and buying their oil through his own family mafia.’.  Taking over newspapers to silence them, jaiing journalists and rights workers. He is openly blackmailing the EU using innocent refugees to demand billions and visa free entry. He is shelling Kurdish areas in Syria to sabotage the ceasefire’,

etcetera etcetera

Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said during a parliamentary session that 1,845 cases have been registered in relation to insulting Erdogan since 2014 when the hawkish Turkish leader took office as president.

“I am unable to read the insults leveled at our president. I start to blush,” he said in defense of the prosecutions.’

Read more: 1,845 cases opened in Turkey over insulting Erdogan

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