El candidato a la presidencia Ted Cruz califica de “fanaticos” a los que se oponen a los productos transgénicos

Senator and Republican candidate for the US presidency Ted Cruz said Saturday in Iowa, the nation must fight generated “hysteria” against genetically modified organisms, saying that these innovations in science should be concluded by the positive impact they have had in the US and abroad.
Speaking at the Agricultural Summit Iowa, Cruz, a member of the Tea Party, he said that GM foods have helped provide millions of people around the world and to strengthen farms across the country.
He said people who oppose GMOs and want to buy organic food can, but that “we must put aside the anti-scientific fanaticism, it impairs the ability to produce quality food at low cost billions all the world”.
Here we have it: the ultra-religious Ted Cruz, serving criminal enterprises such as Monsanto …

Información Alternativa

El senador y pre-candidato republicano a la presidencia de EEUU Ted Cruz, dijo el sábado en Iowa, que la nación debe luchar contra la “histeria” generada contra los organismos modificados genéticamente, diciendo que estas innovaciones en la ciencia deben ser celebrados por el impacto positivo que han tenido tanto en EEUU como en el extranjero.

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