Living with Chooks: Bio digester slurry processing


PermEco Inc.

Every morning I have a routine with our chickens. I come into the yard, sort out their water, put cut grass into their forage area and then I open the night pen to let them out. By that time they have been talking to me and each other whilst I have been preparing their food and done their water, telling me all about their night.

When I open their pen they stream out, and I bee-line it straight for the bio digester slurry area with them following and overtaking me. In this area the bio digester pits are emptied and the chickens process the mix of liquid cow poop and sawdust by pecking through it and adding some of their own manure. I encourage the process by throwing their morning feed all over the second pile (the first pile is too wet, the subsequent ones are not of interest to…

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