CORPRO-FASCISM: TTIP, Fake Freedom Moves Closer to Open Slavery – By Sam Gerrans



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– The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is not just meant to isolate China from global trade but to weaken what’s left of the protective trade barriers that nations are struggling to sustain.

It’s not only that republics have long been reduced covertly to corporation, they are also waging an open war on the minimum safety, health and environmental regulations which are still keeping the planet from complete devastation, and the population, from annihilating each other through economic starvation.

TTIP: Fake freedom moves closer to open slavery

Sam Gerrans @SamGerrans

The new trade negotiations – TTIP – sound dull. It combines the US and EU markets to make the process of fleecing the sheep simpler and cheaper for the wolves. Standard procedure, you may say – and you would be right.

But what is interesting is that any pretense at democracy has been dropped from the propaganda…

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