Occupation for refugee centre in Calais: 8 comrades on trial today Friday

An update on the court case of the 8 friends arrested for squatting an empty homeless shelter in Calais, from Calais Migrant Solidarity.refugee eviction
Today, the trial scheduled to take place  at the court in Boulogne-sur-Mer was postponed until Friday, April 1. All 8 had accepted to be tried today,  under the comparution immediate(fast track procedure); yesterday 3 friends were released until the trial and 5 kept in detention to ensure that they would come to court.

However, 3 of those in prison, were not able to be transported to appear in person before the court. This was due to lack of organisation of transport from the prison to the court. Due to the delay, the right to be tried today, was not granted to them, even though it was their express wish to do so.

In a video conference call between the prison and court, the 3 expressed their wish to be tried in person and not by video conference. This resulted in their release today, after 4 days of incarceration, until the trial on Friday, April 1.

We call for support and solidarity for those on trial for trying to provide a home to those who have none, in the face of the repression of the state whose responsibility it should be to provide those homes!

Come to support outside of the court in Boulogne-sur-Mer at 14:00 Friday, April 1st.Bring your friends, send messages of support, resist evictions and squat the lot!

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