100s of foreign riot police drafted to Lesvos as refugee deportations to commence

Amnesty’s Andrew Gardner says sending refugees back to Syria is “absolutely illegal” both under Turkish and international law in itself. Also 2 documented reports, by Amnesty and the BBC show Turkey is now forcing refugees back into the Syrian war zone. Thus refugees deported by the EU to Turkey could be doubly illegally dumped on into Syria. Turkey is charging EU taxpayers 6,000,000,000 euros, plus free entry to the EU, for the privilege of exploiting this mega scam. Plus for every deportee accepted from Greece the Turkish state can legally dump a ‘documented’ refugee back there!


CfBV1S4WEAA78Np Refugees on Chios marching for freedom

Over the coming weeks the Greek authorities will attempt to ship to Turkey hundreds of refugees who have been earmarked for deportation under the illegal EU-Turkey deal. Ferries have been commandeered for the task. But the Greek police are overstretched and may not be able to cope if riots and other protests by refugees and their supporters erupt. Already several contingents of riot police from across Europe have been drafted in: this is unprecedented and an admission of failure by the Greek authorities as well as a clear abuse of Greek sovereignty. The situation could be explosive, particularly if those of the ‘Other Europe’ – people who are diametrically opposed to these and other authoritarian measures – take direct action to halt this madness and restore a sense of morality.

On Friday, after rioting, several hundred refugees broke out of the Vial detention centre…

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