The Camerons, the Blairmore project and the unanswered tax questions

cameron guilty


2560 David Cameron and father Ian

Details of the offshore company that was set up by Ian Cameron, the father of Britain’s prime minster David and which paid no UK taxes is given below. The business of Blairmore Holdings Inc is no ‘private affair’, as David Cameron prefers to put it, nor are the questions raised about Blairmore merely about legality. On the contrary, this is a matter of morality, involving issues that goes straight to the heart of Britain’s class system and of how the establishment in government and industry circles enables the rich to retain their wealth to the detriment of everyone else. There are many unanswered questions, not least about the entire tax avoidance system with which Britain leads the way…

Two years after Ian Cameron’s death in 2010, the Blairmore Holdiings fund was worth £25 million. When Ian died in 2010, he left an estate worth £2.7…

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