”Moronic, cowardly and inhibited.. Erdogan is president”.

So goes the translation of  Jan Boehmermann’s  poem that he’s being prosecuted for. (see translation below)

But he’s not the only one,. as of 2 March 1,845 Turkish citizens were being prosecuted on charges of insulting Erdogan !


Most of the jibes in Jan’s diatribe are merely scatalogical , but if he’s going to be encarcerated we hope the prosecution will have to prove they are NOT TRUE.

How will they prove, for example, that Erdogan does not ‘have sex with goats’? (consider the Cameron scandal!) Is it true or false that Erdogan’s ‘testicals are shrivelled’? Will they be able to prove without a doubt that his penis is not ‘small’ and doesn’t  ‘smell worse than a pig’s fart’? erdogan-hitler_women-demonstrating-616x414

And as for the accusation of ‘Kicking Kurds’, there is a lot of evidence that he personally ordered the destruction of the ceasefire and provoked a continuing bloody civil war with thousands of innocents killed, just to win an election and boost his craving to be able to change the constitution ‘to be emperor’. Will they be able to prove he hasn’t ‘kicked Kurds?’ Will the Kurdish parties be invited to Germany to present their evidence?

Jan Boehmermann
Jan Boehmermann

It’s a pity the poem doesn’t mention more of Erdogan’s alleged mega-crimes… like the amply documented accusation of supplying ISIS, with US help, with his own family accused of delivering the arms … like the closing of all opposition newspapers and arrests of journalists … like prosecuting 1845 of his own citizens for insulting his dignity …like demanding 6 billion euros ‘with threats’ from the EU while reportedly deporting innocent refugees back to the Syrian war zone… etc

Best in Show collage by Michael Dickinson showing Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan as a dog given a rosette by US President George Bush
Best in Show collage by Michael Dickinson showing Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan as a dog given a rosette by US President George Bush

None of this is new of course. Erdogan has become what he is because NATO (read USA) needs him and has always ‘granted his wishes and whims’.

Even back in 2008 Erdogan showed his teeth, when he arrested and jailed, mistreated and deported the English artist Michael_Dickinson for portraying him as George Bush’s pet dog in a collage exhibition.


The ”poem”.. sorry don’t have the title
”Moronic, cowardly and inhibited
Erdogan is president.
His ‘you know what’ stinks like Doner,
even a pig’s fart smells better.
He’s the man who bears girls,
while he wears a mask of rubber.
He prefers to fuck goats,
and oppress minorities,
Kick Kurds, beat up Christians,
while watching child pornography.
And even evenings instead of sleeping,
instead fellatio with a hundred sheep.
Yes, Erdogan is without a doubt,
a president with a small cock.
One hears all the Turks whistling,
the stupid sod has shrivelled testicles
Perverted, verminous and zoophile,
Recep Fritzl Priklopil…..”.The Prime Minister of Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdo_an. Don't call me a dictator or I'll imprison your journalists and shut down your newspapers. #1ab

3 thoughts on “”Moronic, cowardly and inhibited.. Erdogan is president”.”

  1. MIKE; IS IT O.K: for you when i paste the whole side? IT´S SO IMPORTANT, what do you write here — we didn´t hear all the Facts –
    Cowards covering themselves
    thy Annamaria
    if not, please tell me – i put it away


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