Spain: Why We Defend the Earth


We defend the Earth from those who want to privatize it; we defend the Earth from those who think it belongs to them; we defend the Earth from those who want to destroy it!   from Contra Madriz  translated by Earth First! Journal

We are sick of watching the land where we live get destroyed; where there used to be mountains now there are now quarries. We do not want to continue being indifferent before the destruction of rivers, forests, mountains, and animals; this is why we use action to defend the Earth.

We attack the machines that destroy the land; we attack them conscious that the problem does not come from the machines themselves but from the capitalist system itself, which is based on maximum economic benefits at any cost, including the devastation of the planet.

We must remember that our planet has finite resources; the capitalist system exploits them without realizing their regeneration capacity, meaning that the continuation of capitalism is a death sentence to our planet. It is urgent to end this authoritarian and oppressive system that devastates everything in its way.

They want us to believe that exploiting the Earth and the beings that inhabit it is necessary for progress and civilization. We ask what progress and what civilization they speak of. If progress means substituting what was green and natural for the artificial gray of asphalt, then we are against progress; if civilization means imposing artificial borders and condemning half the world to misery so that the other half can have televisions, cars, and cutting-edge cell phones, then we are against civilization.

We use direct action; we attack and sabotage the machines as propaganda tools, and as tools to halt the advance of exploitation and extermination of our planet.

We make a call out to rebel against the established system; we make a call out in defense of the Earth; we make a call out to use direct action as a tool to stop the violence.

Let’s defend the Earth!


Undomesticated and Mysterious Nomad Anarchists, Wise and Active Fighters(Anarquistas Nómadas Indomesticables Misteriosas Activas Luchadoras y sensatos)Alt Urgell, Cataluña, 04/24/2016

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