Victory! Zambia Bans Child Marriage!

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From Earth We Are One

Child marriage ban, finally in Zambia, to hit the overwhelming use of women or girls as tools of income right in the kisser.

“People [in rural areas] perceive a girl child as a source of wealth, and would rather give the girl into marriage to raise funds for educating the boy child.” 

Nearly one-third of girls under 18 used to get married, 4 percent of that are married under 15. Let’s give some life to these numbers. If there are 7,323,771 females in Zambia around the year 2014. 1/3 around of them get married at 18 which is 2,441,257. That is so many children getting married before they even have a shot of what life could be. Now out of 2,441,257, 4% are married under 15 years of age. 97,650.28 females have been married in 2014 under the age of 15 in Zambia.

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