BREAKING: Turkey-EU refugee deal could collapse after Greek court ruling




Today in Greece an independent authority examining appeals claims ruled that Turkey was not a safe country to which refugees can be returned. The authority also ruled that a Syrian refugee, who had appealed against an earlier decision that he be returned to Turkey, should not be deported. This decision will provide the opportunity for hundreds of similar appeals by refugees in Greece. Furthermore, the ruling now means that the entire EU-Turkey deal is in jeopardy. The implications of this are enormous. Firstly, the ruling may mean that thousands of refugees from the war zones will not now be sent back. Secondly, if the EU-Turkey deal collapses, the arrangement for visa-free roaming for Turks could be cancelled, as also discussions to agree on a date for Turkey to join the EU.

The collapse of the deal will also be a severe blow to the authority of President Erdogan, who…

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